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Document Bug#5541.

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......@@ -1418,6 +1418,21 @@ single copies. You do not need any other drivers or options.
* Runtime problems on character terminals
** The meta key does not work on xterm.
Typing M-x rings the terminal bell, and inserts a string like ";120~".
For recent xterm versions (>= 216), Emacs uses xterm's modifyOtherKeys
feature to generate strings for key combinations that are not
otherwise usable. One circumstance in which this can cause problems
is if you have specified the X resource
to contain translations that use the meta key. Then xterm will not
use meta in modified function-keys, which confuses Emacs. To fix
this, you can remove the X resource or put this in your init file:
** Emacs spontaneously displays "I-search: " at the bottom of the screen.
This means that Control-S/Control-Q (XON/XOFF) "flow control" is being
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