Commit df013a7f authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(it_props): Add an entry for Qauto_composed.

(handle_auto_composed_prop): New function.
parent b7c2af7f
......@@ -637,11 +637,13 @@ static enum prop_handled handle_display_prop P_ ((struct it *));
static enum prop_handled handle_composition_prop P_ ((struct it *));
static enum prop_handled handle_overlay_change P_ ((struct it *));
static enum prop_handled handle_fontified_prop P_ ((struct it *));
static enum prop_handled handle_auto_composed_prop P_ ((struct it *));
/* Properties handled by iterators. */
static struct props it_props[] =
{&Qauto_composed, AUTO_COMPOSED_PROP_IDX, handle_auto_composed_prop},
{&Qfontified, FONTIFIED_PROP_IDX, handle_fontified_prop},
/* Handle `face' before `display' because some sub-properties of
`display' need to know the face. */
......@@ -3285,6 +3287,44 @@ string_buffer_position (w, string, around_charpos)
`composition' property
static enum prop_handled
handle_auto_composed_prop (it)
struct it *it;
enum prop_handled handled = HANDLED_NORMALLY;
if (! NILP (Vauto_composition_function))
Lisp_Object val;
int pos;
if (STRINGP (it->string))
pos = IT_STRING_CHARPOS (*it);
pos = IT_CHARPOS (*it);
val =Fget_char_property (make_number (pos), Qauto_composed, it->string);
if (NILP (val))
int count = BINDING_STACK_SIZE ();
Lisp_Object args[3];
args[0] = Vauto_composition_function;
specbind (Qauto_composition_function, Qnil);
args[1] = make_number (pos);
args[2] = it->string;
safe_call (3, args);
unbind_to (count, Qnil);
val = Fget_char_property (args[1], Qauto_composed, it->string);
if (! NILP (val))
return handled;
/* Set up iterator IT from `composition' property at its current
position. Called from handle_stop. */
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