Commit df050870 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

Move provide to end of file.

(uniquify-ref-base, uniquify-ref-filename, uniquify-ref-buffer)
(uniquify-ref-proposed, uniquify-set-proposed): Remove.
(uniquify-item): New struct.  Update users of uniquify-ref-*.
(uniquify-get-proposed-name, uniquify-rationalize-a-list):
Make `depth' optional.
(uniquify-non-file-buffer-names): Remove.
(uniquify-rationalize-file-buffer-names): Don't set it up.
Use uniquify-make-item and don't pass the now-optional depth.
(uniquify-rationalize-conflicting-sublist): Check the new buffer
name directly instead of relying on uniquify-non-file-buffer-names.
(uniquify-rename-buffer): Use with-current-buffer and pass
the `unique' arg to rename-buffer.
parent f33d0485
......@@ -84,7 +84,6 @@
;;; Code:
(provide 'uniquify)
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
;;; User-visible variables
......@@ -170,14 +169,12 @@ contains the name of the directory which the buffer is visiting.")
(file-name-nondirectory (directory-file-name file-name)))
;; uniquify-fix-list data structure
(defsubst uniquify-ref-base (x) (aref x 0))
(defsubst uniquify-ref-filename (x) (aref x 1))
(defsubst uniquify-ref-buffer (x) (aref x 2))
(defsubst uniquify-ref-proposed (x) (aref x 3))
(defsubst uniquify-set-proposed (x p) (aset x 3 p))
(defstruct (uniquify-item
(:constructor nil) (:copier nil)
(:constructor uniquify-make-item (base filename buffer proposed)))
base filename buffer proposed)
;; Internal variables used free
(defvar uniquify-non-file-buffer-names nil)
(defvar uniquify-possibly-resolvable nil)
;;; Main entry point.
......@@ -189,7 +186,6 @@ file name elements.
Arguments NEWBUFFILE and NEWBUF cause only a subset of buffers to be renamed."
(let (fix-list
(newbuffile-nd (and newbuffile
(uniquify-file-name-nondirectory newbuffile))))
(dolist (buffer (buffer-list))
......@@ -206,13 +202,11 @@ Arguments NEWBUFFILE and NEWBUF cause only a subset of buffers to be renamed."
(setq rawname (uniquify-file-name-nondirectory bfn))
(or (not newbuffile)
(equal rawname newbuffile-nd))
(setq proposed (uniquify-get-proposed-name
rawname bfn uniquify-min-dir-content)))
(push (vector rawname bfn buffer proposed) fix-list)
(push bufname uniquify-non-file-buffer-names))))
(setq proposed (uniquify-get-proposed-name rawname bfn)))
(push (uniquify-make-item rawname bfn buffer proposed) fix-list))))
;; selects buffers whose names may need changing, and others that
;; may conflict, then bring conflicting names together
(uniquify-rationalize-a-list fix-list uniquify-min-dir-content)))
(uniquify-rationalize-a-list fix-list)))
;; uniquify's version of buffer-file-name; result never contains trailing slash
(defun uniquify-buffer-file-name (buffer)
......@@ -235,15 +229,18 @@ in `uniquify-list-buffers-directory-modes', otherwise returns nil."
(defun uniquify-item-greaterp (item1 item2)
(string-lessp (uniquify-ref-proposed item2)
(uniquify-ref-proposed item1)))
(string-lessp (uniquify-item-proposed item2)
(uniquify-item-proposed item1)))
(defun uniquify-rationalize-a-list (fix-list depth)
(defun uniquify-rationalize-a-list (fix-list &optional depth)
(unless depth (setq depth uniquify-min-dir-content))
(let (conflicting-sublist ; all elements have the same proposed name
(old-proposed "")
;; Divide fix-list into items with same proposed names and pass them
;; to uniquify-rationalize-conflicting-sublist.
(dolist (item (sort fix-list 'uniquify-item-greaterp))
(setq proposed (uniquify-ref-proposed item))
(setq proposed (uniquify-item-proposed item))
(unless (equal proposed old-proposed)
(uniquify-rationalize-conflicting-sublist conflicting-sublist
old-proposed depth)
......@@ -253,7 +250,8 @@ in `uniquify-list-buffers-directory-modes', otherwise returns nil."
(uniquify-rationalize-conflicting-sublist conflicting-sublist
old-proposed depth)))
(defun uniquify-get-proposed-name (base filename depth)
(defun uniquify-get-proposed-name (base filename &optional depth)
(unless depth (setq depth uniquify-min-dir-content))
(assert (equal base (uniquify-file-name-nondirectory filename)))
(assert (equal (directory-file-name filename) filename))
......@@ -315,29 +313,31 @@ in `uniquify-list-buffers-directory-modes', otherwise returns nil."
(defun uniquify-rationalize-conflicting-sublist (conf-list old-name depth)
(when conf-list
(if (or (cdr conf-list)
(member old-name uniquify-non-file-buffer-names))
;; Check that the proposed name doesn't conflict with some
;; existing buffer.
(let ((buf (get-buffer old-name)))
(and buf (not (eq buf (uniquify-item-buffer (car conf-list)))))))
(when uniquify-possibly-resolvable
(setq uniquify-possibly-resolvable nil
depth (1+ depth))
(dolist (item conf-list)
(uniquify-set-proposed item (uniquify-get-proposed-name
(uniquify-ref-base item)
(uniquify-ref-filename item)
(setf (uniquify-item-proposed item)
(uniquify-item-base item)
(uniquify-item-filename item)
(uniquify-rationalize-a-list conf-list depth))
(unless (string= old-name "")
(uniquify-rename-buffer (car conf-list) old-name)))))
(defun uniquify-rename-buffer (item newname)
(let ((buffer (uniquify-ref-buffer item)))
(let ((buffer (uniquify-item-buffer item)))
(unless (equal newname (buffer-name buffer))
(let ((unset (current-buffer))
;; avoid hooks on rename-buffer
(uniquify-buffer-name-style nil))
(set-buffer buffer)
(rename-buffer newname)
(set-buffer unset)))))
(with-current-buffer buffer
(let ((uniquify-buffer-name-style nil)) ;Avoid hooks on rename-buffer.
;; Pass the `unique' arg, just in case.
(rename-buffer newname t))))))
;;; Hooks from the rest of Emacs
......@@ -403,6 +403,9 @@ See also `delay-rationalize-file-buffer-names' for hook setter."
(remove-hook 'post-command-hook
;; Ideally we'd like to add it buffer-locally, but that doesn't work
;; because kill-buffer-hook is not permanent-local :-(
(add-hook 'kill-buffer-hook 'uniquify-delay-rationalize-file-buffer-names)
(provide 'uniquify)
;;; uniquify.el ends here
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