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......@@ -1333,9 +1333,17 @@ compile-after-backup: backup-compiled-files compile-always
# Recompile all Lisp files which are newer than their .elc files and compile
# new ones.
# FIXME this could use the 'compile' target now, and let make figure out
# what needs to be done. That would be parallelizable, but would not
# pick up new files not in ELCFILES.
# This has the same effect as compile-main (followed up with compile-last,
# if ELCFILES is out of date). recompile has some advantages:
# i) It is faster (on a single processor), since it only has to start
# Emacs once. It was 33% faster on a test with a random 10% of the .el
# files needing recompilation.
# ii) The explicit cc-mode dependency.
# recompile's disadvantages are:
# i) Not parallelizable.
# ii) Compiling multiple files in the same instance of Emacs is wrong,
# since the environment of later files is affected by definitions in
# earlier ones.
recompile: doit $(LOADDEFS) $(lisp)/progmodes/cc-mode.elc
$(emacs) --eval "(batch-byte-recompile-directory 0)" $(lisp)
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