Commit df1af142 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* lispref/modes.texi (Basic Major Modes): 'z' no longer bound in special-mode.

parent ea5f4192
2013-02-14 Glenn Morris <>
* modes.texi (Basic Major Modes): 'z' no longer bound in special-mode.
2013-02-13 Glenn Morris <>
* objects.texi (Char-Table Type): Add footnote about #^^.
......@@ -905,9 +905,8 @@ modes derived from Special mode are given a @code{mode-class} property
of @code{special} (@pxref{Major Mode Conventions}).
Special mode sets the buffer to read-only. Its keymap defines several
common bindings, including @kbd{q} for @code{quit-window}, @kbd{z} for
@code{kill-this-buffer}, and @kbd{g} for @code{revert-buffer}
common bindings, including @kbd{q} for @code{quit-window} and @kbd{g}
for @code{revert-buffer} (@pxref{Reverting}).
An example of a major mode derived from Special mode is Buffer Menu
mode, which is used by the @file{*Buffer List*} buffer. @xref{List
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