Commit df1c3143 authored by Andrea Corallo's avatar Andrea Corallo

* test/src/comp-tests.el (comp-tests-bootstrap): Fix test for new eln setup.

parent aa644a7e
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......@@ -54,7 +54,8 @@ Check that the resulting binaries do not differ."
(comp-debug 0))
(copy-file comp-src comp1-src t)
(copy-file comp-src comp2-src t)
(load (concat comp-src "c") nil nil t t)
(let ((load-no-native t))
(load (concat comp-src "c") nil nil t t))
(should-not (subr-native-elisp-p (symbol-function #'native-compile)))
(message "Compiling stage1...")
(let ((comp1-eln (native-compile comp1-src)))
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