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Move all targets that are not the Emacs manual to misc/

(INFO_TARGETS, DVI_TARGETS): Reduce to just the Emacs manual.
(infodir): New variable.
(info): Use $infodir.
(emacsman): Delete target, not needed any more.
(mostlyclean): Remove `gnustmp'.

(.SUFFIXES): Use $(TEXI2DVI) rather than texi2dvi.
(mostlyclean): Add *.op, *.ops.  Move *.aux *.cps *.fns *.kys *.pgs
parent 8cf51b2c
#### Makefile for the Emacs Manual and other documentation.
#### Makefile for the Emacs Manual
# Copyright (C) 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003,
# 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
......@@ -29,38 +29,28 @@ top_srcdir=@top_srcdir@
# Tell make where to find source files; this is needed for the makefiles.
## Where the output files go.
## Note that the setfilename command in the .texi files assumes this.
# The makeinfo program is part of the Texinfo distribution.
# Use --force so that it generates output even if there are errors.
MAKEINFO = makeinfo --force
INFO_TARGETS = ../info/emacs ../info/ccmode ../info/cl \
../info/dired-x ../info/ediff ../info/forms ../info/gnus \
../info/message ../info/sieve ../info/pgg ../info/emacs-mime \
../info/info ../info/mh-e ../info/reftex \
../info/sc ../info/vip ../info/viper ../info/widget \
../info/efaq ../info/ada-mode ../info/autotype ../info/calc \
../info/idlwave ../info/eudc ../info/ebrowse ../info/pcl-cvs \
../info/woman ../info/eshell ../info/org ../info/url \
../info/speedbar ../info/tramp ../info/ses ../info/smtpmail \
../info/flymake ../info/newsticker ../info/rcirc ../info/erc
DVI_TARGETS = emacs.dvi calc.dvi cc-mode.dvi cl.dvi dired-x.dvi \
ediff.dvi forms.dvi gnus.dvi message.dvi emacs-mime.dvi \
gnus.dvi message.dvi sieve.dvi pgg.dvi mh-e.dvi \
reftex.dvi sc.dvi vip.dvi viper.dvi widget.dvi faq.dvi \
ada-mode.dvi autotype.dvi idlwave.dvi eudc.dvi ebrowse.dvi \
pcl-cvs.dvi woman.dvi eshell.dvi org.dvi url.dvi \
speedbar.dvi tramp.dvi ses.dvi smtpmail.dvi flymake.dvi \
newsticker.dvi emacs-xtra.dvi rcirc.dvi erc.dvi
INFOSOURCES = info.texi
INFO_TARGETS = $(infodir)/emacs
DVI_TARGETS = emacs.dvi
TEXI2DVI = texi2dvi
# The following rule does not work with all versions of `make'.
.SUFFIXES: .texi .dvi
texi2dvi $<
$(TEXI2DVI) $<
TEXI2DVI = texi2dvi
$(srcdir)/arevert-xtra.texi \
$(srcdir)/cal-xtra.texi \
......@@ -120,9 +110,9 @@ EMACSSOURCES= \
${srcdir}/kmacro.texi \
info: $(top_srcdir)/info $(INFO_TARGETS)
info: $(infodir) $(INFO_TARGETS)
mkdir $@
......@@ -132,232 +122,30 @@ dvi: $(DVI_TARGETS)
# to exist in the build directory.
# In a distribution of Emacs, the Info files should be up to date.
# The following target uses an explicit -o switch to work around
# the @setfilename directive in info.texi, which is required for
# the Texinfo distribution.
emacs : $(infodir)/emacs
../info/info: ${INFOSOURCES}
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) --no-split info.texi -o $@
info.dvi: ${INFOSOURCES}
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/info.texi
../info/emacs: ${EMACSSOURCES}
$(infodir)/emacs: ${EMACSSOURCES}
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) emacs.texi
emacs.dvi: ${EMACSSOURCES}
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/emacs.texi
# This target is here so you could easily get the list of the *.texi
# files which belong to the Emacs manual (as opposed to the separate
# manuals for CL, CC Mode, Ebrowse, etc.). With this target, you can
# say things like "grep foo `make emacsman`".
../info/ccmode: cc-mode.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) cc-mode.texi
cc-mode.dvi: cc-mode.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/cc-mode.texi
../info/ada-mode: ada-mode.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) ada-mode.texi
ada-mode.dvi: ada-mode.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/ada-mode.texi
../info/pcl-cvs: pcl-cvs.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) pcl-cvs.texi
pcl-cvs.dvi: pcl-cvs.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/pcl-cvs.texi
../info/eshell: eshell.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) eshell.texi
eshell.dvi: eshell.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/eshell.texi
../info/cl: cl.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) cl.texi
cl.dvi: cl.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/cl.texi
../info/dired-x: dired-x.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) dired-x.texi
dired-x.dvi: dired-x.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/dired-x.texi
../info/ediff: ediff.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) ediff.texi
ediff.dvi: ediff.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/ediff.texi
emacs-xtra.dvi: emacs-xtra.texi $(EMACS_XTRA)
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/emacs-xtra.texi
../info/forms: forms.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) forms.texi
forms.dvi: forms.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/forms.texi
# gnus/message/emacs-mime/sieve/pgg are part of Gnus:
../info/gnus: gnus.texi gnus-faq.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) gnus.texi
gnus.dvi: gnus.texi gnus-faq.texi
sed -e '/@iflatex/,/@end iflatex/d' ${srcdir}/gnus.texi > gnustmp.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) gnustmp.texi
cp gnustmp.dvi $*.dvi
rm gnustmp.*
../info/message: message.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) message.texi
message.dvi: message.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/message.texi
../info/sieve: sieve.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) sieve.texi
sieve.dvi: sieve.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/sieve.texi
../info/emacs-mime: emacs-mime.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) --enable-encoding emacs-mime.texi
emacs-mime.dvi: emacs-mime.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/emacs-mime.texi
../info/pgg: pgg.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) pgg.texi
pgg.dvi: pgg.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/pgg.texi
../info/mh-e: mh-e.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) mh-e.texi
mh-e.dvi: mh-e.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/mh-e.texi
../info/reftex: reftex.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) reftex.texi
reftex.dvi: reftex.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/reftex.texi
../info/sc: sc.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) sc.texi
sc.dvi: sc.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/sc.texi
../info/vip: vip.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) vip.texi
vip.dvi: vip.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/vip.texi
../info/viper: viper.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) viper.texi
viper.dvi: viper.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/viper.texi
../info/widget: widget.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) widget.texi
widget.dvi: widget.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/widget.texi
../info/efaq: faq.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) faq.texi
faq.dvi: faq.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/faq.texi
../etc/GNU: gnu1.texi gnu.texi
cd $(srcdir) && makeinfo --no-headers -o ../etc/GNU gnu1.texi
../info/autotype: autotype.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) autotype.texi
autotype.dvi: autotype.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/autotype.texi
../info/calc: calc.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) calc.texi
calc.dvi: calc.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/calc.texi
# This is produced with --no-split to avoid making files whose
# names clash on DOS 8+3 filesystems
../info/idlwave: idlwave.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) --no-split idlwave.texi
idlwave.dvi: idlwave.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/idlwave.texi
../info/eudc: eudc.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) eudc.texi
eudc.dvi: eudc.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/eudc.texi
../info/ebrowse: ebrowse.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) ebrowse.texi
ebrowse.dvi: ebrowse.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/ebrowse.texi
../info/woman: woman.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) woman.texi
woman.dvi: woman.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/woman.texi
../info/org: org.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) org.texi
org.dvi: org.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/org.texi
../info/url: url.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) url.texi
url.dvi: url.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/url.texi
../info/speedbar: speedbar.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) speedbar.texi
speedbar.dvi: speedbar.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/speedbar.texi
../info/tramp: tramp.texi trampver.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) -D emacs tramp.texi
tramp.dvi: tramp.texi trampver.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/tramp.texi
../info/ses: ses.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) ses.texi
ses.dvi: ses.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/ses.texi
../info/smtpmail: smtpmail.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) smtpmail.texi
smtpmail.dvi: smtpmail.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/smtpmail.texi
../info/flymake: flymake.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) flymake.texi
flymake.dvi: flymake.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/flymake.texi
../info/newsticker: newsticker.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) newsticker.texi
newsticker.dvi: newsticker.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/newsticker.texi
../info/rcirc: rcirc.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) rcirc.texi
rcirc.dvi: rcirc.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/rcirc.texi
../info/erc: erc.texi
cd $(srcdir); $(MAKEINFO) erc.texi
erc.dvi: erc.texi
$(ENVADD) $(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/erc.texi
rm -f *.log *.cp *.fn *.ky *.pg *.vr core *.tp *.core gnustmp.*
rm -f *.log *.cp *.fn *.ky *.op *.ops *.pg *.vr core *.tp *.core
rm -f *.aux *.cps *.fns *.kys *.pgs *.vrs *.toc
clean: mostlyclean
rm -f *.dvi
distclean: clean
# rm -f Makefile
maintainer-clean: distclean
rm -f *.aux *.cps *.fns *.kys *.pgs *.vrs *.toc
for file in $(INFO_TARGETS); do rm -f $${file}*; done
......@@ -366,3 +154,6 @@ maintainer-clean: distclean
# That caused trouble because this is run entirely in the source directory.
# Since we expect to get texi2dvi from elsewhere,
# it is ok to expect texindex from elsewhere also.
### Makefile ends here
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