Commit df470e3b authored by Jan Djärv's avatar Jan Djärv
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* eval.c (Feval): Remove check for INPUT_BLOCKED_P.

* xmenu.c (popup_get_selection, create_and_show_popup_menu)
(create_and_show_dialog): Revert change from 2004-10-31.
parent 4cc8522c
2004-11-06 Jan Dj,Ad(Brv <>
* eval.c (Feval): Remove check for INPUT_BLOCKED_P.
* xmenu.c (popup_get_selection, create_and_show_popup_menu)
(create_and_show_dialog): Revert change from 2004-10-31.
2004-11-05 Luc Teirlinck <>
* macros.c (syms_of_macros) <defining-kbd-macro>: Doc fix.
......@@ -1996,7 +1996,7 @@ DEFUN ("eval", Feval, Seval, 1, 1, 0,
struct backtrace backtrace;
struct gcpro gcpro1, gcpro2, gcpro3;
if (handling_signal || INPUT_BLOCKED_P)
if (handling_signal)
abort ();
if (SYMBOLP (form))
......@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ extern XtAppContext Xt_app_con;
static Lisp_Object xdialog_show P_ ((FRAME_PTR, int, Lisp_Object, char **));
static void popup_get_selection P_ ((XEvent *, struct x_display_info *,
LWLIB_ID, int));
LWLIB_ID, int, int));
/* Define HAVE_BOXES if menus can handle radio and toggle buttons. */
......@@ -157,6 +157,8 @@ static void single_keymap_panes P_ ((Lisp_Object, Lisp_Object, Lisp_Object,
static void list_of_panes P_ ((Lisp_Object));
static void list_of_items P_ ((Lisp_Object));
extern EMACS_TIME timer_check P_ ((int));
/* This holds a Lisp vector that holds the results of decoding
the keymaps or alist-of-alists that specify a menu.
......@@ -1122,27 +1124,27 @@ on the left of the dialog box and all following items on the right.
If DOWN_ON_KEYPRESS is nonzero, pop down if a key is pressed.
This function used to have a DO_TIMERS argument which was
1 in the dialog case, and caused it to run Lisp-level timers.
That was unsafe so we removed it, but does anyone remember
why menus and dialogs were treated differently?
NOTE: All calls to popup_get_selection should be protected
with BLOCK_INPUT, UNBLOCK_INPUT wrappers. */
static void
popup_get_selection (initial_event, dpyinfo, id, down_on_keypress)
popup_get_selection (initial_event, dpyinfo, id, do_timers, down_on_keypress)
XEvent *initial_event;
struct x_display_info *dpyinfo;
int do_timers;
int down_on_keypress;
XEvent event;
while (popup_activated_flag)
if (initial_event)
/* If we have no events to run, consider timers. */
if (do_timers && !XtAppPending (Xt_app_con))
timer_check (1);
if (initial_event)
event = *initial_event;
initial_event = 0;
......@@ -2488,7 +2490,7 @@ create_and_show_popup_menu (f, first_wv, x, y, for_click)
popup_activated_flag = 1;
/* Process events that apply to the menu. */
popup_get_selection ((XEvent *) 0, FRAME_X_DISPLAY_INFO (f), menu_id, 0);
popup_get_selection ((XEvent *) 0, FRAME_X_DISPLAY_INFO (f), menu_id, 0, 0);
/* fp turned off the following statement and wrote a comment
that it is unnecessary--that the menu has already disappeared.
......@@ -2882,7 +2884,8 @@ create_and_show_dialog (f, first_wv)
Fcons (make_number (dialog_id >> (fact)),
make_number (dialog_id & ~(-1 << (fact)))));
popup_get_selection ((XEvent *) 0, FRAME_X_DISPLAY_INFO (f), dialog_id, 1);
popup_get_selection ((XEvent *) 0, FRAME_X_DISPLAY_INFO (f),
dialog_id, 1, 1);
unbind_to (count, Qnil);
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