Commit df4eaaf0 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(term-if-emacs19): Macro deleted.

Callers changed to use progn instead.
parent cacf2193
......@@ -658,10 +658,6 @@ Buffer local variable.")
(put 'term-scroll-show-maximum-output 'permanent-local t)
(put 'term-ptyp 'permanent-local t)
;; Do FORMS if running under Emacs 19 or later.
(defmacro term-if-emacs19 (&rest forms)
(if (string-match "^\\(19\\|[2-9][0-9]\\)" emacs-version)
(cons 'progn forms)))
;; True if running under XEmacs (previously Lucid Emacs).
(defmacro term-is-xemacs () '(string-match "Lucid" emacs-version))
;; Do FORM if running under XEmacs (previously Lucid Emacs).
......@@ -1064,7 +1060,7 @@ Entry to this mode runs the hooks on term-mode-hook"
;; Menu bars:
;; terminal:
(let (newmap)
......@@ -1300,7 +1296,7 @@ intervention from Emacs, except for the escape character (usually C-c)."
;;; Added nearly all the 'grey keys' -mm
(define-key term-raw-map [button2] 'term-mouse-paste))
......@@ -3368,7 +3364,7 @@ The top-most line is line 0."
(define-key map ">" 'term-pager-eob)
;; Add menu bar.
(define-key map [menu-bar terminal] term-terminal-menu)
(define-key map [menu-bar signals] term-signals-menu)
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