Commit df61b078 authored by Oleh Krehel's avatar Oleh Krehel
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Add a new `inhibit-message' variable

* src/xdisp.c (syms_of_xdisp): Define a boolean `inhibit_message'.
(message3): Don't call `message3_nolog' (i.e. use the Echo Area) when
`inhibit_message' is non-zero.

* etc/NEWS: Add an entry.

* doc/lispref/display.texi: Add an entry for `inhibit-message',
  mention it in `message'.
parent 7793db6a
......@@ -257,6 +257,9 @@ text properties (@pxref{Logging Messages}).
In batch mode, the message is printed to the standard error stream,
followed by a newline.
When @code{inhibit-message} is non-@code{nil}, no message will be displayed
in the echo area, it will only be logged to @samp{*Messages*}.
If @var{format-string} is @code{nil} or the empty string,
@code{message} clears the echo area; if the echo area has been
expanded automatically, this brings it back to its normal size. If
......@@ -282,6 +285,11 @@ To automatically display a message in the echo area or in a pop-buffer,
depending on its size, use @code{display-message-or-buffer} (see below).
@end defun
@defvar inhibit-message
When this variable is non-@code{nil}, @code{message} and related functions
will not use the Echo Area to display messages.
@end defvar
@defmac with-temp-message message &rest body
This construct displays a message in the echo area temporarily, during
the execution of @var{body}. It displays @var{message}, executes
......@@ -200,6 +200,11 @@ font, and (iii) the specified window.
** New possible value for `system-type': nacl.
** New variable `inhibit-message', when bound to non-nil, inhibits
`message' and related functions from displaying messages the Echo
Area. The output is still logged to the *Messages* buffer.
* Editing Changes in Emacs 25.1
......@@ -10053,8 +10053,8 @@ message3 (Lisp_Object m)
message_dolog (buffer, nbytes, true, multibyte);
message3_nolog (m);
if (! inhibit_message)
message3_nolog (m);
......@@ -30430,6 +30430,11 @@ syms_of_xdisp (void)
DEFSYM (Qredisplay_internal, "redisplay_internal (C function)");
DEFVAR_BOOL("inhibit-message", inhibit_message,
doc: /* Non-nil means calls to `message' are not displayed.
They are still logged to the *Messages* buffer. */);
inhibit_message = 0;
message_dolog_marker1 = Fmake_marker ();
staticpro (&message_dolog_marker1);
message_dolog_marker2 = Fmake_marker ();
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