Commit df816618 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(custom-group-value-create) <tree>: Don't distinguish

unloaded groups; use [+] for them.
(customize-browse): Fix top-of-buffer doc text.
parent 5489c3d3
......@@ -1130,7 +1130,7 @@ Reset all values in this buffer to their standard settings."
(widget-insert "\
Square brackets show active fields; type RET or click mouse-1
on an active field to invoke its action.
Invoke [+] or [?] below to expand items, and [-] to collapse items.\n")
Invoke [+] below to expand a group, and [-] to collapse an expanded group.\n")
(if custom-browse-only-groups
(widget-insert "\
Invoke the [Group] button below to edit that item in another window.\n\n")
......@@ -2566,7 +2566,7 @@ and so forth. The remaining group tags are shown with
(push (widget-create-child-and-convert
widget 'custom-browse-visibility
;; :tag-glyph "plus"
:tag (if (custom-unloaded-widget-p widget) "?" "+"))
:tag "+")
(insert "-- ")
;; (widget-glyph-insert nil "-- " "horizontal")
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