Commit dfd839dc authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

*** empty log message ***

parent 273f64fa
......@@ -351,10 +351,6 @@ REMOVED etc/gnu.xpm, nt/icons/emacs21.ico, nt/icons/sink.ico
let us know if he finds anything.
REMOVED etc/orgcard.tex,
Re-add these files if an assignment is received from Rooke.
Image files from GTK, Gnome are under GPLv2 (no "or later"?). RMS will
contact image authors in regards to future switch to v3.
2007-02-22 Glenn Morris <>
* orgcard.tex, Restore deleted files following
copyright assignment.
2007-02-20 Glenn Morris <>
* TUTORIAL.eo: Unjustify.
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