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Remove entries covered by new font backend.

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......@@ -443,9 +443,6 @@ when the body only calls primitives.
** Optionally make the cursor a little thinner at the end of a line
or the end of the buffer.
** Add support for rendering antialiased text, probably using
** Port the conservative stack marking code of Emacs' garbage collector
to more systems, so that we can completely get rid of GCPROs. Note
that Boehm garbage collector provides this.
......@@ -529,12 +526,6 @@ when the body only calls primitives.
** In ps-print, provide an user friendly interface to specify fonts.
** OpenType font support for various complex scripts (e.g. Devanagari).
As X protocal doesn't provide a way to access OpenType Layout Tables
in a OpenType font of a server side, we need a way to utilize local
fonts (perhaps by directly using the Freetype library or indirectly
via Xft library).
** Enhance word boundary detection for such a script that doesn't use
space at word boundary (e.g. Thai).
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