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Fix two doc/emacs cross-references

* doc/emacs/maintaining.texi (EDE): Fix cross-reference.

* doc/emacs/programs.texi (Program Modes): Fix emacs-xtra reference.
parent 253e30aa
2013-07-02 Glenn Morris <>
* maintaining.texi (EDE): Fix cross-reference.
* programs.texi (Program Modes): Fix emacs-xtra reference.
2013-06-26 Glenn Morris <>
* help.texi (Misc Help): Index describe-syntax.
......@@ -2341,7 +2341,7 @@ directory trees. The @dfn{project root} is the topmost directory of a
project. To define a new project, visit a file in the desired project
root and type @kbd{M-x ede-new}. This command prompts for a
@dfn{project type}, which refers to the underlying method that EDE
will use to manage the project (@pxref{Creating a Project, EDE,, ede,
will use to manage the project (@pxref{Creating a project, EDE,, ede,
Emacs Development Environment}). The most common project types are
@samp{Make}, which uses Makefiles, and @samp{Automake}, which uses GNU
Automake (@pxref{Top, Automake,, automake, Automake}). In both cases,
......@@ -119,17 +119,17 @@ those specified in the mode's own mode hook (@pxref{Major Modes}).
For instance, entering C mode runs the hooks @code{prog-mode-hook} and
@code{c-mode-hook}. @xref{Hooks}, for information about hooks.
Separate manuals are available for the modes for Ada (@pxref{Top,,
Ada Mode, ada-mode, Ada Mode}), C/C++/Objective C/Java/Corba
IDL/Pike/AWK (@pxref{Top, , CC Mode, ccmode, CC Mode}), and IDLWAVE
(@pxref{Top,, IDLWAVE, idlwave, IDLWAVE User Manual}).
@end ifinfo
@end ifnottex
The Emacs distribution contains Info manuals for the major modes for
Ada, C/C++/Objective C/Java/Corba IDL/Pike/AWK, and IDLWAVE@. For
Fortran mode, @pxref{Fortran,,, emacs-xtra, Specialized Emacs Features}.
@end ifnotinfo
@end iftex
@node Defuns
@section Top-Level Definitions, or Defuns
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