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Document sun change.

parent 069b6ce3
......@@ -1843,7 +1843,13 @@ wait_reading_process_input (time_limit, microsecs, read_kbd, do_display)
#if defined(sun) && !defined(USG5_4)
else if (nfds > 0 && FD_ISSET (0, &Available) && interrupt_input)
/* System sometimes fails to deliver SIGIO. */
/* System sometimes fails to deliver SIGIO.
David J. Mackenzie says that Emacs doesn't compile under
Solaris if this code is enabled, thus the USG5_4 in the CPP
conditional. "I haven't noticed any ill effects so far.
If you find a Solaris expert somewhere, they might know
better." */
kill (getpid (), SIGIO);
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