Commit e02f751e authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

* gnus-(sum|async).el: Eliminate assumptions about gnus-data format

* lisp/gnus/gnus-async.el (gnus-async-with-semaphore): Use `declare`.
(gnus-async-prefetch-next): Don't assume gnus-data-number == car.

* lisp/gnus/gnus-sum.el (gnus-data-find-in): New function.
(gnus-data-find, gnus-data-find-list): Use it.
(gnus-summary-article-subject): Make it a function.
(gnus--dummy-data-list): New const.
(gnus-update-summary-mark-positions): Use it.
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......@@ -109,15 +109,13 @@ that was fetched."
(setcdr (symbol-value semaphore) nil))
(defmacro gnus-async-with-semaphore (&rest forms)
(declare (indent 0) (debug t))
(gnus-async-get-semaphore 'gnus-async-article-semaphore)
(gnus-async-release-semaphore 'gnus-async-article-semaphore)))
(put 'gnus-async-with-semaphore 'lisp-indent-function 0)
(put 'gnus-async-with-semaphore 'edebug-form-spec '(body))
;;; Article prefetch
......@@ -142,15 +140,15 @@ that was fetched."
(gnus-group-asynchronous-p group))
(with-current-buffer gnus-summary-buffer
(let ((next (caadr (gnus-data-find-list article))))
(let ((next (cadr (gnus-data-find-list article))))
(when next
(when gnus-async-timer
(cancel-timer 'gnus-async-timer)))
(setq gnus-async-timer
0.1 nil 'gnus-async-prefetch-article
group next summary)))))))
0.1 nil #'gnus-async-prefetch-article
group (gnus-data-number next) summary)))))))
(defun gnus-async-prefetch-article (group article summary &optional next)
"Possibly prefetch several articles starting with ARTICLE."
......@@ -3160,6 +3160,8 @@ The following commands are available:
(cl-defstruct (gnus-data
(:constructor nil)
(:constructor gnus-data-make (number mark pos header level))
;; In gnus-data-find-in, we rely on (car data) returning the
;; number, because we use `assq' on a list of gnus-data.
(:type list))
number mark pos header level)
......@@ -3172,12 +3174,14 @@ The following commands are available:
(define-inline gnus-data-pseudo-p (data)
(inline-quote (consp (gnus-data-header ,data))))
(defalias 'gnus-data-find-in #'assq)
(define-inline gnus-data-find (number)
(inline-quote (assq ,number gnus-newsgroup-data)))
(inline-quote (gnus-data-find-in ,number gnus-newsgroup-data)))
(defmacro gnus-data-find-list (number &optional data)
`(let ((bdata ,(or data 'gnus-newsgroup-data)))
(memq (assq ,number bdata)
(memq (gnus-data-find-in ,number bdata)
(defun gnus-data-enter (after-article number mark pos header level offset)
......@@ -3314,17 +3318,17 @@ article number."
`(gnus-data-pos (gnus-data-find
,(or number '(gnus-summary-article-number)))))
(defalias 'gnus-summary-subject-string 'gnus-summary-article-subject)
(defmacro gnus-summary-article-subject (&optional number)
(defalias 'gnus-summary-subject-string #'gnus-summary-article-subject)
(defsubst gnus-summary-article-subject (&optional number)
;; FIXME: Does this really warrant a defsubst?
"Return current subject string or nil if nothing."
`(let ((headers
,(if number
`(gnus-data-header (assq ,number gnus-newsgroup-data))
'(gnus-data-header (assq (gnus-summary-article-number)
(and headers
(mail-header-p headers)
(mail-header-subject headers))))
(let ((headers
(gnus-data-find (or number
(and headers
(mail-header-p headers)
(mail-header-subject headers))))
(defmacro gnus-summary-article-score (&optional number)
"Return current article score."
......@@ -3582,6 +3586,9 @@ buffer that was in action when the last article was fetched."
(defconst gnus--dummy-mail-header
(make-full-mail-header 0 "" "" "05 Apr 2001 23:33:09 +0400" "" "" 0 0 "" nil))
(defconst gnus--dummy-data-list
(list (gnus-data-make 0 nil nil gnus--dummy-mail-header nil)))
(defun gnus-make-thread-indent-array (&optional n)
(when (or n
(progn (setq n 200) nil)
......@@ -3609,6 +3616,9 @@ buffer that was in action when the last article was fetched."
(gnus-score-over-mark ?Z)
(gnus-undownloaded-mark ?Z)
(gnus-summary-line-format-spec spec)
;; Make sure `gnus-data-find' finds a dummy element
;; so we don't call gnus-data-<field> accessors on nil.
(gnus-newsgroup-data gnus--dummy-data-list)
(gnus-newsgroup-downloadable '(0))
case-fold-search ignores)
;; Here, all marks are bound to Z.
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