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(Other Font Lock Variables): Document jit-lock-register and

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......@@ -2830,13 +2830,23 @@ arguments, the beginning and end of the region. The default value is
@end defvar
@defvar font-lock-inhibit-thing-lock
List of Font Lock mode related modes that should not be turned on.
Currently, valid mode names are @code{fast-lock-mode},
@code{jit-lock-mode} and @code{lazy-lock-mode}.
@end defvar
@end ignore
@defun jit-lock-register function &optional contextual
This function tells Font Lock mode to run the Lisp function
@var{function} any time it has to fontify or refontify part of the
current buffer. It calls @var{function} before calling the default
fontification functions, and gives it two arguments, @var{start} and
@var{end}, which specify the region to be fontified or refontified.
The optional argument @var{contextual}, if non-@code{nil}, forces Font
Lock mode to always refontify a syntactically relevant part of the
buffer, and not just the modified lines. This argument can usually be
@end defun
@defun jit-lock-unregister function
If @var{function} was previously registered as a fontification
function using @code{jit-lock-register}, this function unregisters it.
@end defun
@node Levels of Font Lock
@subsection Levels of Font Lock
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