Commit e08348a0 authored by Daniel Colascione's avatar Daniel Colascione

Changelog entries for cygw32

parent 36a305a7
2012-10-08 Daniel Colascione <>
* Add --with-w32 as a window system option. Limit
it to Cygwin for now. Integrate w32 into the refactored window
system configuration and set TERM_HEADER to w32term.h when w32 is
(CYGWIN_OBJ): Add cygw32.o.
2012-10-07 Jan Djärv <>
* Check that OSX is 10.4 or newer.
2012-10-08 Daniel Colascione <>
* emacsclient.c: Include windows.h when HAVE_NTGUI.
(alt_display): New variable. We send the display held by this
variable when the primary display is either unsupported or not
(longopts): Allow display everywhere.
(w32_set_user_model_id): Move lower in file, inside HAVE_NTGUI
(decode_options): Use alt_display. Explain why.
(main): Retry connection with alt_display if connection with main
display fails.
2012-10-01 Fabrice Popineau <>
* make-docfile.c (write_globals): Special-case
2012-10-08 Daniel Colascione <>
* battery.el (battery-status-function): Check for
w32-battery-status itself, not system-time windows-nt.
* frame.el: Require cl-lib.
(display-format-alist): New variable mapping frame types to
functions that initialize them.
(window-system-for-display): New function: interprets
(make-frame-on-display): Remove existing display-selection logic
and just forward to make-frame, which will now DTRT.
(make-frame): Restructure to use window-system-for-display to
figure out how to create a frame on a given display.
(display-mouse-p): Look for frame-type w32, not a particular
* loadup.el: Load w32 lisp code when we have the w32 feature.
* mouse.el (mouse-yank-primarY): Look for frame-type w32, not
system-type windows-nt.
* server.el (server-create-window-system-frame): Look for window
(server-proces-filter): Only force a window system when windows-nt
_and_ w32. Explain why.
* simple.el (normal-erase-is-backspace-mode): Add w32 to the list
of window systems we configure for the mode.
* startup.el (command-line): Mark window system is initialized
after we've done it.
* common-win.el (x-select-text): Look for w32, not windows-nt.
* ns-win.el: Require cl-lib. Add ourselves to
(ns-initialize-window-system): Assert we're not initialized twice.
* w32-win.el: Enable lexical binding; require cl-lib; add
ourselves to display-format-alist.
(w32-handle-dropped-file): Convert incoming dropped files from
Windows paths to Cygwin ones before passing them on to the rest of
(w32-drag-n-drop): New paramter new-frame. Simplify logic.
(w32-initialize-window-system): Assert we're not initialized twice.
* x-win.el: Require cl-lib; add ourselves to display-format-alist.
(x-initialize-window-system): Assert we're not initialized twice.
* w32-common-fns.el: New File.
(w32-version, w32-using-nt, w32-get-clipboard-data)
(w32-set-clipboard-data, x-set-selection, x-get-selection)
(w32-charset-info-alist, x-last-selected, text)
(x-get-selection-value, x-selection-value): Move here.
* w32-fns.el: Require w32-common-fns.
(w32-version, w32-using-nt, w32-get-clipboard-data)
(w32-set-clipboard-data, x-set-selection, x-get-selection)
(w32-charset-info-alist, x-last-selected, text)
(x-get-selection-value, x-selection-value): Move to
* w32-vars.el:
(w32-allow-system-shell, w32-system-shells): Define only in
non-cygwin case.
2012-10-07 Stefan Monnier <>
* subr.el (read-passwd-map): Don't use `defconst' (bug#12597).
2012-10-08 Daniel Colascione <>
* xfaces.c, xdisp.c, window.c, w32xfns.c, w32term.h, w32term.c,
w32select.h w32select.c, w32proc.c, w32menu.c, w32inevt.c,
w32help.c, w32font.c, w32font.c, w32fns.c, w32console.c, w32.h,
w32.c, unexw32.c, termhooks.h, process.c, menu.c, keyboard.h,
keyboard.c, image.c, frame.h, frame.c, fontset.c, font.h, font.c,
emacs.c, dispextern.h, cygw32.h, cygw32.c, conf_post.h, use HAVE_NTGUI for W32 GUI and WINDOWSNT for the
operating system. defined(HAVE_NTGUI) && !defined(WINDOWSNT) is
now a supported configuration.
* consolidate image variables into LIBIMAGE; add
W32_OBJ and W32_LIBS. Compile new files.
* conf_post.h:
(_DebPrint) declare tracing facility for W32 debugging. We need
to unify tracing later.
(NTGUI_UNICODE) Define when compiling for Cygwin to allow the
unconditional use of W32 Unicode functions. Cygwin runs only on
100% Unicode operating systems.
* cygw32.c: New file. Define Cygwin-specific facilities.
(Fcygwin_convert_path_from_windows): New user functions for
accessing Cygwin path-munging routines.
* cygw32.h: New file.
(WCSDATA, to_unicode, from_unicode): Define facilities for storing
UTF-16LE strings temporarily inside non-Lisp-visible string
(w32_strerror): Just what it says on the tin.
* emacs.c: Make the NS fork-then-exec code for daemon-launching
also run for Cygwin; both systems have the same problem with using
GUI facilities in a forked child. Also call syms_of_cygw32,
syms_of_w32select in correct places.
(DAEMON_MUST_EXEC): new macro defined to signal that a platform
needs fork-then-exec for daemon launching.
* font.h: Include frame.h.
* image.c: Use the image library cache machinery only when we're
compiling for native WINDOWSNT; Cygwin can use shared libraries
like any other Unixlike system.
* keyboard.c: Clarify a comment regarding the input loop.
* menu.c: When NTGUI_UNICODE is defined, use Unicode menu
functions directly instead of trying to detect at runtime that our
host operating system supports them. We make this change for two
reasons: Cygwin lacks support for the multibyte character
conversion functions used by the legacy menu code, and Cygwin
never needs to rely on non-Unicode APIs.
* unexw32.c (hinst): Declare extern.
* w32.c: Change header order;
(w32_strerror): Move to w32fns.c because we need it for
non-WINDOWSNT builds.
* w32.h: Add #error macro to make sure we don't include w32.h for
Cygwin builds. Remove w32select declarations.
* w32console.c (w32_sys_ring_bell, Fset_message_beep): Move to
w32fns.c. w32console.c is WINDOWSNT-only.
* w32fns.c: Include cygw32.h or w32.h depending on CYGWIN; more
NTGUI_UNICODE tweaks. (See above.) Change _snprintf to the more
POSIXy alternative.
(faked_key, sysinfo_cache, osinfo_cahce, syspage_mask)
(w32_major_version, w32_minor_version, w32_build_number)
(os_subtype, sound_type): Define here
(w32_defined_color): Make color parameter const for consistency
with other _defined_color functions.
(w32_createwindow): Unconditionally call w32_init_class instead of
doing so only when hprevinst is non-NULL. Plumbing hprevinst
through the code is complex and unnecessary because class
registration is practically free.
(w32_name_of_message): New EMACSDEBUG-only function.
(Fset_message_beep): Move here
(Fx_open_connection): Require that the display name for Windows be
"w32" for consistency, emacsclient disambiguation, and maybe, one
day, multi-window-system support.
(file_dialog_callback): NTGUI_UNICODE changes; encode and decode
Cygwin files for W32 GUI facilities, since these clearly don't
expect Cygwin names.
(_DebPrint): Define.
(w32_strerror, w32_console_toggle_lock_key, w32_kbd_mods_to_emacs)
(w32_kbd_patch_key, w32_sys_ring_bell): Move here.
(Ssystem_move_file_to_trash): Define only for native WINDOWSNT.
(w32_last_error): Remove.
* w32font.c: Define _strlwr to strlwr for non-WINDOWSNT builds.
* w32heap.c (syspage_mask): Declare here.
(cache_system_info): Remove.
* w32inevt.c (faked_key): Define globally, not statically.
(w32_kbd_mods_to_emacs, w32_kbd_patch_key, faked_key)
(w32_console_toggle_lock_key): Move to w32fns.c.
* w32menu.c: Include setjmp.h. NTGUI_UNICODE changes throughout.
* w32proc.c (_DebPrint): Move to w32fns.c.
* w32select.c: Include string.h, stdio.h for Cygwin.
* w32select.h: New File.
* w32term.c: Include io.h for non-CYGWIN builds; needed for
(w32_message_fd): New variable. Under Cygwin, holds the file
descriptor the system used to tell us about pending thread
(w32_init_term): Remove incorrect calls to fcntl and init_sigio
that prevented compilation under non-WINDOWSNT systems.
(w32_initialize): Open /dev/windows and assign it to
w32_message_fd. Provide w32 feature.
* w32term.h: Include frame.h, atimer.h. Declare various frame functions.
(prepend_msg, w32_message_fd): Declare globally.
* w32xfns.c:
(keyboard_handle): Use only when WINDOWSNT.
(notify_msg_ready): New function. Posts a message to the main
thread's message queue under CYGWIN, which wakes up the main
thread from select(2) by making the /dev/windows file descriptor
ready. Under WINDOWSNT, it sets an event the same way the old
code did.
(post, prepend_msg): Actually call notify_msg_ready instead of
setting the input event directly.
2012-10-07 Eli Zaretskii <>
* ralloc.c (relinquish): If a heap is ready to be relinquished,
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