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/* File name wild card expansion for VMS.
This file is part of the etags program.
Copyright (C) 1987 Free Software Foundation, Inc. 3 Feb 1987
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but without any warranty. No author or distributor
accepts responsibility to anyone for the consequences of using it
or for whether it serves any particular purpose or works at all,
unless he says so in writing.
Permission is granted to anyone to distribute verbatim copies
of this program's source code as received, in any medium, provided that
the copyright notice, the nonwarraty notice above
and this permission notice are preserved,
and that the distributor grants the recipient all rights
for further redistribution as permitted by this notice,
and informs him of these rights.
Permission is granted to distribute modified versions of this
program's source code, or of portions of it, under the above
conditions, plus the conditions that all changed files carry
prominent notices stating who last changed them and that the
derived material, including anything packaged together with it and
conceptually functioning as a modification of it rather than an
application of it, is in its entirety subject to a permission
notice identical to this one.
Permission is granted to distribute this program (verbatim or
as modified) in compiled or executable form, provided verbatim
redistribution is permitted as stated above for source code, and
A. it is accompanied by the corresponding machine-readable
source code, under the above conditions, or
B. it is accompanied by a written offer, with no time limit,
to distribute the corresponding machine-readable source code,
under the above conditions, to any one, in return for reimbursement
of the cost of distribution. Verbatim redistribution of the
written offer must be permitted. Or,
C. it is distributed by someone who received only the
compiled or executable form, and is accompanied by a copy of the
written offer of source code which he received along with it.
Permission is granted to distribute this program (verbatim or as modified)
in executable form as part of a larger system provided that the source
code for this program, including any modifications used,
is also distributed or offered as stated in the preceding paragraph.
In other words, you are welcome to use, share and improve this program.
You are forbidden to forbid anyone else to use, share and improve
what you give them. Help stamp out software-hoarding! */
#include <stdio.h>
typedef char tbool;
/* This is a BUG! ANY arbitrary limit is a BUG!
Won't someone please fix this? */
#define MAX_FILE_SPEC_LEN 255
typedef struct {
short curlen;
char body[MAX_FILE_SPEC_LEN + 1];
} vspec;
#define EOS '\0'
#define NO 0
#define YES 1
#define NULL 0
/* v1.01 nmm 19-Aug-85 gfnames - return in successive calls the
name of each file specified by all the remaining args in the command-line
expanding wild cards and
stepping over arguments when they have been processed completely
gfnames(pac, pav, p_error)
int *pac;
char **pav[];
tbool *p_error;
static vspec filename = {MAX_FILE_SPEC_LEN, "\0"};
short fn_exp();
while (1)
if (*pac == 0)
*p_error = NO;
else switch(fn_exp(&filename, **pav))
case 1:
*p_error = NO;
case 0:
*p_error = YES;
/* v1.05 nmm 26-Jun-86 fn_exp - expand specification of list of file names
returning in each successive call the next filename matching the input
spec. The function expects that each in_spec passed
to it will be processed to completion; in particular, up to and
including the call following that in which the last matching name
is returned, the function ignores the value of in_spec, and will
only start processing a new spec with the following call.
If an error occurs, on return out_spec contains the value
of in_spec when the error occurred.
With each successive filename returned in out_spec, the
function's return value is one. When there are no more matching
names the function returns zero. If on the first call no file
matches in_spec, or there is any other error, -1 is returned.
#include <rmsdef.h>
#include <descrip.h>
fn_exp(out, in)
vspec *out;
char *in;
static long context = 0;
static struct dsc$descriptor_s o;
static struct dsc$descriptor_s i;
static tbool pass1 = YES;
long status;
short retval;
if (pass1)
pass1 = NO;
o.dsc$a_pointer = out;
o.dsc$w_length = (short)OUTSIZE;
i.dsc$a_pointer = in;
i.dsc$w_length = (short)strlen(in);
i.dsc$b_dtype = DSC$K_DTYPE_T;
i.dsc$b_class = DSC$K_CLASS_S;
o.dsc$b_dtype = DSC$K_DTYPE_VT;
o.dsc$b_class = DSC$K_CLASS_VS;
if ( (status = lib$find_file(&i, &o, &context, 0, 0)) == RMS$_NORMAL)
out->body[out->curlen] = EOS;
else if (status == RMS$_NMF)
retval = 0;
strcpy(out->body, in);
retval = -1;
pass1 = YES;
#ifndef OLD /* Newer versions of VMS do provide `system'. */
char *cmd;
fprintf(stderr, "system() function not implemented under VMS\n");
#define VERSION_DELIM ';'
char *massage_name(s)
char *s;
char *start = s;
for ( ; *s; s++)
if (*s == VERSION_DELIM)
*s = EOS;
*s = tolower(*s);
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