Commit e0a0d9fe authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(custom-variable-state-set): If the variable was originally set outside

custom, but to the same value as the default, consider it to be standard.
parent a6f6840e
......@@ -2668,7 +2668,18 @@ Otherwise, look up symbol in `custom-guess-type-alist'."
(error nil))
((eq (caar tmp) 'user) 'saved)
((eq (caar tmp) 'changed) 'changed)
((eq (caar tmp) 'changed)
(if (condition-case nil
(and (null comment)
(equal value
(car (get symbol 'standard-value)))))
(error nil))
;; The value was originally set outside
;; custom, but it was set to the standard
;; value (probably an autoloaded defcustom).
(t 'themed))
((setq tmp (get symbol 'standard-value))
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