Commit e0d6af9c authored by Christoph Scholtes's avatar Christoph Scholtes
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Code cleanup. Added ChangeLog entry.

parent 4ad28e27
2010-07-24 Christoph Scholtes <>
* makefile.w32-in: Use temporary directory to create distribution
zip files in `dist' target.
* zipdist.bat: Simplify code using temporary directory.
2010-07-24 Christoph Scholtes <>
New make target for Windows platform: make dist (bug#6602)
......@@ -251,17 +251,17 @@ install-shortcuts:
dist: install-bin
mkdir $(TMP_DIST_DIR)
$(CP_DIR) $(INSTALL_DIR)/site-lisp $(TMP_DIST_DIR)
$(CP_DIR) "$(INSTALL_DIR)/site-lisp" $(TMP_DIST_DIR)
$(COMSPEC)$(ComSpec) /c $(ARGQUOTE)zipdist.bat $(VERSION)$(ARGQUOTE)
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ rem Build and verify full distribution
7z a -bd -tZIP -mx=9 -x!.bzrignore -x!.gitignore -xr!emacs.mdp -xr!*.pdb -xr!*.opt -xr!*~ -xr!CVS -xr!.arch-inventory %TMP_DIST_DIR%
7z t
rem Build and verify binary only distribution
7z a -bd -tZIP -mx=9 -x!.bzrignore -x!.gitignore -xr!emacs.mdp -xr!*.pdb -xr!*.opt -xr!*~ -xr!CVS -xr!.arch-inventory %TMP_DIST_DIR%/README.W32 %TMP_DIST_DIR%/bin %TMP_DIST_DIR%/etc/DOC-X %TMP_DIST_DIR%/COPYING
7z t
goto EXIT
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