Commit e0de7bcb authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(one-window-p): New argument all-frames.

parent 89851a09
......@@ -53,15 +53,21 @@ BODY should be a list of lisp expressions."
;;;; Window tree functions.
(defun one-window-p (&optional nomini)
(defun one-window-p (&optional nomini all-frames)
"Returns non-nil if there is only one window.
Optional arg NOMINI non-nil means don't count the minibuffer
even if it is active."
even if it is active.
The optional arg ALL-FRAMES t means count windows on all frames.
If it is `visible', count windows on all visible frames.
ALL-FRAMES nil or omitted means count only the selected frame,
plus the minibuffer it uses (which may be on another frame).
If ALL-FRAMES is neither nil nor t, count only the selected frame."
(let ((base-window (selected-window)))
(if (and nomini (eq base-window (minibuffer-window)))
(setq base-window (next-window base-window)))
(eq base-window
(next-window base-window (if nomini 'arg)))))
(next-window base-window (if nomini 'arg) all-frames))))
(defun walk-windows (proc &optional minibuf all-frames)
"Cycle through all visible windows, calling PROC for each one.
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