Commit e0e66b8e authored by Carsten Dominik's avatar Carsten Dominik
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(org-table-sort-lines): New command.

	(org-tbl-menu): Add entry for `org-table-sort-lines'.
	(org-add-file): Command removed, use `org-agenda-file-to-front'
	(org-export-icalendar): Use `org-icalendar-combined-name'.
	(org-cycle-agenda-files, org-agenda-file-to-end)
	(org-agenda-file-to-front): New commands.
	(org-table-tab-jumps-over-hlines,org-export-html-style): New
	(org-table-next-field): Use `org-table-tab-jumps-over-hlines'.
	(org-at-table.el-p, org-set-autofill-regexps,org-html-protect):
	New functions.
	(org-fill-paragraph): Call `org-table-align' in tables.
	(org-mode): Call `org-set-autofill-regexps'.
	(org-export-as-html): Support for local handformatted lists.
	Modified to produce valid HTML 4.0. Use `org-export-html-style'.
	(org-export-local-list-max-depth): New option.
	(org-html-expand): Use `org-html-protect'.
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