Commit e0ea8060 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* lisp/subr.el (set-temporary-overlay-map): Doc fix.

* etc/NEWS: Related edit.
parent e4e9830b
......@@ -932,7 +932,9 @@ describing the cycle.
*** `function-get' fetches a function property, following aliases.
*** `posnp' tests if an object is a `posn'.
*** `set-temporary-overlay-map' sets up a temporary overlay map.
*** `set-temporary-overlay-map' sets up a temporary keymap that
takes precedence over most other maps for a short while (normally one key).
*** `system-users' returns the user names on the system.
2012-11-14 Glenn Morris <>
* subr.el (set-temporary-overlay-map): Doc fix.
2012-11-13 Martin Rudalics <>
* window.el (record-window-buffer)
......@@ -3960,11 +3960,16 @@ The properties used on SYMBOL are `composefunc', `sendfunc',
(put symbol 'hookvar (or hookvar 'mail-send-hook)))
(defun set-temporary-overlay-map (map &optional keep-pred)
"Set MAP as a temporary overlay map.
When KEEP-PRED is `t', using a key from the temporary keymap
leaves this keymap activated. KEEP-PRED can also be a function,
which will have the same effect when it returns `t'.
When KEEP-PRED is nil, the temporary keymap is used only once."
"Set MAP as a temporary keymap taking precedence over most other keymaps.
Note that this does NOT take precedence over the \"overriding\" maps
`overriding-terminal-local-map' and `overriding-local-map' (or the
`keymap' text property). Unlike those maps, if no match for a key is
found in MAP, the normal key lookup sequence then continues.
Normally, MAP is used only once. If the optional argument
KEEP-PRED is `t', MAP stays active if a key from MAP is used.
KEEP-PRED can also be a function of no arguments: if it returns
non-nil then MAP stays active."
(let* ((clearfunsym (make-symbol "clear-temporary-overlay-map"))
(overlaysym (make-symbol "t"))
(alist (list (cons overlaysym map)))
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