Commit e1029547 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Standardize footer.

parent 750268f0
......@@ -660,6 +660,4 @@ formatted as a string, not the original XML data."
(provide 'org-feed)
;; arch-tag: 0929b557-9bc4-47f4-9633-30a12dbb5ae2
;;; org-feed.el ends here
......@@ -2080,5 +2080,4 @@ Replaces invalid characters with \"_\" and then prepends a prefix."
(provide 'org-html)
;; arch-tag: 8109d84d-eb8f-460b-b1a8-f45f3a6c7ea1
;;; org-html.el ends here
......@@ -577,5 +577,4 @@ a time), or the day by one (if it does not contain a time)."
(provide 'org-icalendar)
;; arch-tag: 2dee2b6e-9211-4aee-8a47-a3c7e5bc30cf
;;; org-icalendar.el ends here
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