Commit e1171de6 authored by Tino Calancha's avatar Tino Calancha

* CONTRIBUTE (Documenting your changes): Index new vars/commands in manual.

parent 6102d01e
......@@ -250,6 +250,13 @@ know it does not, mark the NEWS entry with "---". If you know
that *all* the necessary documentation updates have been made, mark
the entry with "+++". Otherwise do not mark it.
If your change requires updating the manuals to document new
functions/commands/variables/faces, then use the proper Texinfo
command to index them; for instance, use @vindex for variables and
@findex for functions/commands. For the full list of predefine indices, see
or run the shell command 'info "(texinfo)Predefined Indices"'.
For more specific tips on Emacs's doc style, see
Use 'checkdoc' to check for documentation errors before submitting a patch.
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