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2004-08-14 Romain Francoise <>
* NEWS: Mention the thumbs.el package.
2004-08-14 Eric Hanchrow <>
* Replace actual whitespace with the magic string
2004-08-14 Davis Herring <>
* isearch.el: Remove accidental changes of March 4. Fix backing
up when a regexp isearch is made more general. Use symbolic
accessor functions for isearch stack frames to make usage clearer.
(search-whitespace-regexp): Made groups in documentation shy (as
is the group in the default value).
(isearch-fallback): New function, addresses problems with regexps
liberalized by `\|', adds support for liberalization by `\}' (the
general repetition construct), and incorporates behavior for
(isearch-}-char): New command, calls `isearch-fallback' with
arguments appropriate to a typed `}'.
(isearch-*-char, isearch-|-char): Now just call `isearch-fallback'
(isearch-mode-map): Bind `}' to `isearch-}-char'.
(isearch-string, isearch-message,string, isearch-point,
isearch-success, isearch-forward-flag, isearch-other-end,
isearch-word, isearch-invalid-regexp, isearch-wrapped,
isearch-barrier, isearch-within-brackets,
New inline functions to read fields of a stack frame.
2004-08-14 Kurt Hornik <> (tiny change)
* battery.el (battery-linux-proc-acpi): Look into battery
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