Commit e15f58f8 authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov
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(magic-fallback-mode-alist): Add ZIP magic number

associated with `archive-mode'.
parent 890617cb
......@@ -2402,6 +2402,7 @@ If FUNCTION is nil, then it is not called. (That is a way of saying
(defvar magic-fallback-mode-alist
`((image-type-auto-detected-p . image-mode)
("\\(PK00\\)?[P]K\003\004" . archive-mode) ; zip
;; The < comes before the groups (but the first) to reduce backtracking.
;; TODO: UTF-16 <?xml may be preceded by a BOM 0xff 0xfe or 0xfe 0xff.
;; We use [ \t\r\n] instead of `\\s ' to make regex overflow less likely.
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