Commit e16bf494 authored by Andrew Innes's avatar Andrew Innes
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Variable moved to xdisp.c.
(syms_of_msdos): Don't set up Lisp var here.
parent 2c088c98
......@@ -356,9 +356,6 @@ static unsigned long screen_old_address = 0;
static unsigned short screen_virtual_segment = 0;
static unsigned short screen_virtual_offset = 0;
/* A flag to control how to display unibyte 8-bit character. */
int unibyte_display_via_language_environment;
#if __DJGPP__ > 1
/* Update the screen from a part of relocated DOS/V screen buffer which
begins at OFFSET and includes COUNT characters. */
......@@ -691,15 +688,15 @@ IT_write_glyphs (GLYPH *str, int str_len)
register int tlen = GLYPH_TABLE_LENGTH;
register Lisp_Object *tbase = GLYPH_TABLE_BASE;
struct coding_system *coding = CODING_REQUIRE_ENCODING (&terminal_coding)
? &terminal_coding
: &safe_terminal_coding;
struct coding_system *coding = (CODING_REQUIRE_ENCODING (&terminal_coding)
? &terminal_coding
: &safe_terminal_coding);
/* Do we need to consider conversion of unibyte characters to
multibyte? */
int convert_unibyte_characters
= NILP (current_buffer->enable_multibyte_characters)
&& unibyte_display_via_language_environment;
= (NILP (current_buffer->enable_multibyte_characters)
&& unibyte_display_via_language_environment);
if (str_len == 0) return;
......@@ -4007,15 +4004,6 @@ syms_of_msdos ()
Qforeground_color = intern ("foreground-color");
staticpro (&Qforeground_color);
DEFVAR_BOOL ("unibyte-display-via-language-environment",
"*Non-nil means display unibyte text according to language environment.\n\
Specifically this means that unibyte non-ASCII characters\n\
are displayed by converting them to the equivalent multibyte characters\n\
according to the current language environment. As a result, they are\n\
displayed according to the current codepage and display table.");
unibyte_display_via_language_environment = 0;
DEFVAR_LISP ("dos-unsupported-char-glyph", &Vdos_unsupported_char_glyph,
"*Glyph to display instead of chars not supported by current codepage.\n\
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