Commit e1d01705 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(Defining Faces): Mention `mac', and add an xref to where window-system is

parent 0c60d79a
......@@ -1772,8 +1772,9 @@ apply to. Here are the possible values of @var{characteristic}:
@item type
The kind of window system the frame uses---either @code{graphic} (any
graphics-capable display), @code{x}, @code{pc} (for the MS-DOS console),
@code{w32} (for MS Windows 9X/NT), or @code{tty} (a non-graphics-capable
@code{w32} (for MS Windows 9X/NT/2K/XP), @code{mac} (for the Macintosh
display), or @code{tty} (a non-graphics-capable display).
@xref{Window Systems, window-system}.
@item class
What kinds of colors the frame supports---either @code{color},
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