Commit e1dfec15 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(Qcenter): Move to xdisp.c.

parent 7ee8103e
......@@ -606,6 +606,7 @@ Lisp_Object Qxbm;
extern Lisp_Object QCwidth, QCheight, QCforeground, QCbackground, QCfile;
extern Lisp_Object QCdata, QCtype;
extern Lisp_Object Qcenter;
Lisp_Object QCascent, QCmargin, QCrelief;
Lisp_Object QCconversion, QCcolor_symbols, QCheuristic_mask;
Lisp_Object QCindex, QCmatrix, QCcolor_adjustment, QCmask;
......@@ -613,7 +614,6 @@ Lisp_Object QCindex, QCmatrix, QCcolor_adjustment, QCmask;
/* Other symbols. */
Lisp_Object Qlaplace, Qemboss, Qedge_detection, Qheuristic;
Lisp_Object Qcenter;
/* Time in seconds after which images should be removed from the cache
if not displayed. */
......@@ -7400,8 +7400,6 @@ syms_of_image ()
staticpro (&Qedge_detection);
Qheuristic = intern ("heuristic");
staticpro (&Qheuristic);
Qcenter = intern ("center");
staticpro (&Qcenter);
Qpostscript = intern ("postscript");
staticpro (&Qpostscript);
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