Commit e221d32d authored by Eli Barzilay's avatar Eli Barzilay Committed by Eli Zaretskii
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Fix point positioning after transposing with negative arg

* lisp/simple.el (transpose-subr): When invoked with a negative
argument, move point to after the transposed text, like we do
when invoked with a positive argument.  (Bug#21885)
parent 35f5afbc
...@@ -6634,7 +6634,8 @@ current object." ...@@ -6634,7 +6634,8 @@ current object."
(setq pos1 (funcall aux -1)) (setq pos1 (funcall aux -1))
(goto-char (car pos1)) (goto-char (car pos1))
(setq pos2 (funcall aux arg)) (setq pos2 (funcall aux arg))
(transpose-subr-1 pos1 pos2))))) (transpose-subr-1 pos1 pos2)
(goto-char (+ (car pos2) (- (cdr pos1) (car pos1))))))))
(defun transpose-subr-1 (pos1 pos2) (defun transpose-subr-1 (pos1 pos2)
(when (> (car pos1) (cdr pos1)) (setq pos1 (cons (cdr pos1) (car pos1)))) (when (> (car pos1) (cdr pos1)) (setq pos1 (cons (cdr pos1) (car pos1))))
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