Commit e221eae3 authored by Joseph Arceneaux's avatar Joseph Arceneaux
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* lisp.h: Conditionally define interval structure and macros.

	Add DECLARE_INTERVALS to struct Lisp_String.
parent 679194a6
......@@ -425,6 +425,60 @@ extern int pure_size;
#define XSETPROCESS(a, b) XSETPNTR(a, (int) (b))
#define XSETFLOAT(a, b) XSETPNTR(a, (int) (b))
/* Basic data type for use of intervals. See the macros in intervals.h */
struct interval
/* The first group of entries deal with the tree structure. */
unsigned int total_length; /* Length of myself and both children. */
unsigned int position; /* Cache of interval's character position */
struct interval *left; /* Intervals which precede me. */
struct interval *right; /* Intervals which succeed me. */
struct interval *parent; /* Parent in the tree, or the Lisp_Object
containing this interval tree. */
/* The remaining components are `properties' of the interval.
The first four are duplicates for things which can be on the list,
for purposes of speed. */
unsigned char write_protect; /* Non-zero means can't modify. */
unsigned char visible; /* Zero means don't display. */
unsigned char front_hungry; /* Non-zero means text inserted just
before this interval goes into it. */
unsigned char rear_hungry; /* Likewise for just after it. */
Lisp_Object plist; /* Properties of this interval. */
typedef struct interval *INTERVAL;
/* Complain if object is not string or buffer type */
#define CHECK_STRING_OR_BUFFER(x, i) \
{ if (XTYPE ((x)) != Lisp_String && XTYPE ((x)) != Lisp_Buffer) \
x = wrong_type_argument (Qbuffer_or_string_p, (x)); }
/* Macro used to conditionally compile intervals into certain data
structures. See, e.g., struct Lisp_String below. */
/* Macro used to condionally compile interval initialization into
certain code. See, e.g., alloc.c. */
#define INITIALIZE_INTERVAL(ptr,val) ptr->intervals = val
#else /* No text properties */
/* If no intervals are used, make the above definitions go away. */
#define INTERVAL
#define INITIALIZE_INTERVAL(ptr,val)
/* In a cons, the markbit of the car is the gc mark bit */
struct Lisp_Cons
......@@ -447,6 +501,7 @@ struct Lisp_Buffer_Cons
struct Lisp_String
int size;
DECLARE_INTERVALS /* `data' field must be last. */
unsigned char data[1];
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