Commit e224699a authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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Fix last change.

parent ab8dad36
......@@ -25,9 +25,6 @@
;;; Code:
;; This is for lexical-let in apply-partially.
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
(defvar custom-declare-variable-list nil
"Record `defcustom' calls made before `custom.el' is loaded to handle them.
Each element of this list holds the arguments to one call to `defcustom'.")
......@@ -74,6 +71,11 @@ the end of FILE must be all on the same line. For example:
For more information, see Info node `elisp(Declaring Functions)'."
;; Does nothing - byte-compile-declare-function does the work.
;; This is for lexical-let in apply-partially. It is here because cl
;; needs declare-function, defined above.
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
;;;; Basic Lisp macros.
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