Commit e22d6b02 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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*** empty log message ***

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......@@ -1796,10 +1796,9 @@ DEFUN ("x-create-screen", Fx_create_screen, Sx_create_screen,
"Make a new X window, which is called a \"screen\" in Emacs terms.\n\
Return an Emacs screen object representing the X window.\n\
ALIST is an alist of screen parameters.\n\
The value of ``x-screen-defaults'' is an additional alist\n\
of default parameters which apply when not overridden by ALIST.\n\
If the parameters specify that the screen should not have a minibuffer,\n\
then ``default-minibuffer-screen'' must be a screen whose minibuffer can\n\
and do not specify a specific minibuffer window to use,\n\
then `default-minibuffer-screen' must be a screen whose minibuffer can\n\
be shared by the new screen.")
Lisp_Object parms;
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