Commit e2741510 authored by Ken Raeburn's avatar Ken Raeburn
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* charset.c (Fdefine_charset, Fdeclare_equiv_charset): Use XSTRING

and SYMBOL_NAME instead of XSYMBOL and name field.
parent 2f445366
......@@ -700,14 +700,14 @@ DESCRIPTION (string) is the description string of the charset. */)
|| !STRINGP (vec[7])
|| !STRINGP (vec[8]))
error ("Invalid info-vector argument for defining charset %s",
XSYMBOL (charset_symbol)->name->data);
XSTRING (SYMBOL_NAME (charset_symbol))->data);
if (NILP (charset_id))
charset_id = get_new_private_charset_id (XINT (vec[0]), XINT (vec[2]));
if (XINT (charset_id) == 0)
error ("There's no room for a new private charset %s",
XSYMBOL (charset_symbol)->name->data);
XSTRING (SYMBOL_NAME (charset_symbol))->data);
update_charset_table (charset_id, vec[0], vec[1], vec[2], vec[3],
......@@ -779,7 +779,7 @@ CHARSET should be defined by `defined-charset' in advance. */)
if (XINT (final_char) < '0' || XFASTINT (final_char) > '~')
error ("Invalid FINAL-CHAR %c, it should be `0'..`~'", XINT (chars));
if ((charset = get_charset_id (charset_symbol)) < 0)
error ("Invalid charset %s", XSYMBOL (charset_symbol)->name->data);
error ("Invalid charset %s", XSTRING (SYMBOL_NAME (charset_symbol))->data);
ISO_CHARSET_TABLE (dimension, chars, final_char) = charset;
return Qnil;
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