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(Init Syntax): Mention the -*-coding:-*- tag if .emacs uses non-ASCII

characters in strings.
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......@@ -2088,6 +2088,16 @@ sequences are mandatory.
a Meta character, as in @samp{\M-a} for @kbd{Meta-A} or @samp{\M-\C-a} for
@cindex international characters in @file{.emacs}
@cindex non-ASCII characters in @file{.emacs}
If you want to include non-ASCII characters in strings in your init
file, you should consider putting a @samp{-*- coding: -*-} tag on the
first line which states the coding system used to save your
@file{.emacs}, as explained in @ref{Recognize Coding}. This is
because the defaults for decoding non-ASCII text might not yet be set
up by the time Emacs reads those parts of your init file which use
such strings, and Emacs might decode those strings incorrectly.
@item Characters:
Lisp character constant syntax consists of a @samp{?} followed by
either a character or an escape sequence starting with @samp{\}.
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