Commit e2c3f530 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/frame.el (make-frame-names-alist): Don't list frames on other displays.

parent 37c0347e
2010-09-19 Stefan Monnier <>
* frame.el (make-frame-names-alist): Don't list frames on other displays.
* fringe.el (fringe-styles): New var.
(fringe-mode, fringe-query-style): Use it.
......@@ -907,15 +907,16 @@ Calls `suspend-emacs' if invoked from the controlling tty device,
(t (suspend-emacs)))))
(defun make-frame-names-alist ()
;; Only consider the frames on the same display.
(let* ((current-frame (selected-frame))
(cons (frame-parameter current-frame 'name) current-frame) nil))
(frame (next-frame nil t)))
(frame (next-frame nil 0)))
(while (not (eq frame current-frame))
(setq falist (cons (cons (frame-parameter frame 'name) frame) falist))
(setq frame (next-frame frame t))))
(push (cons (frame-parameter frame 'name) frame) falist)
(setq frame (next-frame frame 0))))
(defvar frame-name-history nil)
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