Commit e2cc40b7 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa

Optimize calls of modify-category-entry.

parent 78da4a93
......@@ -101,11 +101,9 @@
(let ((ch 32))
(while (< ch 127) ; All ASCII characters have
(modify-category-entry ch ?a) ; the category `a' (ASCII)
(modify-category-entry ch ?l) ; and `l' (Latin).
(setq ch (1+ ch))))
;; All ASCII characters have the category `a' (ASCII) and `l' (Latin).
(modify-category-entry '(32 . 127) ?a)
(modify-category-entry '(32 . 127) ?l)
;; Arabic character set
......@@ -116,28 +114,12 @@
(while charsets
;; (modify-syntax-entry (make-char (car charsets)) "w")
#'(lambda (char ignore)
(if (consp char)
(let ((from (car char))
(to (cdr char)))
(while (<= from to)
(modify-category-entry from ?b)
(setq from (1+ from))))
(modify-category-entry char ?b)))
#'(lambda (char ignore) (modify-category-entry char ?b))
(car charsets))
(setq charsets (cdr charsets))))
(let ((ch #x600))
(while (<= ch #x6ff)
(modify-category-entry (decode-char 'ucs ch) ?b)
(setq ch (1+ ch)))
(setq ch #xfb50)
(while (<= ch #xfdff)
(modify-category-entry (decode-char 'ucs ch) ?b)
(setq ch (1+ ch)))
(setq ch #xfe70)
(while (<= ch #xfefe)
(modify-category-entry (decode-char 'ucs ch) ?b)
(setq ch (1+ ch))))
(modify-category-entry '(#x600 . #x6ff) ?b)
(modify-category-entry '(#xfb50 . #xfdff) ?b)
(modify-category-entry '(#xfe70 . #xfefe) ?b)
;; Chinese character set (GB2312)
......@@ -366,8 +348,7 @@
;; (modify-category-entry (make-char 'ethiopic) ?e)
;; (modify-syntax-entry (make-char 'ethiopic) "w")
(dotimes (i (1+ (- #x137c #x1200)))
(modify-category-entry (decode-char 'ucs (+ #x1200 i)) ?e))
(modify-category-entry '(#x1200 . #x137b) ?e)
(let ((chars '(?$(3$h(B ?$(3$i(B ?$(3$j(B ?$(3$k(B ?$(3$l(B ?$(3$m(B ?$(3$n(B ?$(3$o(B ?$(3%i(B ?$(3%t(B ?$(3%u(B ?$(3%v(B ?$(3%w(B ?$(3%x(B
;; Unicode equivalents of the above:
?$,1Q!(B ?$,1Q"(B ?$,1Q#(B ?$,1Q$(B ?$,1Q%(B ?$,1Q&(B ?$,1Q'(B ?$,1Q((B ?$,3op(B ?$,3o{(B ?$,3o|(B ?$,3o}(B ?$,3o~(B ?$,3o(B)))
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