Commit e2f95383 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

Ulrich Mueller <ulm at> (tiny change)

(bad-packages-alist): Anchor semantic regexp.
parent d85b2f1e
2007-11-03 Ulrich Mueller <> (tiny change)
* simple.el (bad-packages-alist): Anchor semantic regexp.
2007-11-02 Drake Wilson <> (tiny change)
* files.el (hack-local-variables): Fix membership tests to avoid
......@@ -5633,7 +5633,7 @@ works by saving the value of `buffer-invisibility-spec' and setting it to nil."
(defconst bad-packages-alist
;; Not sure exactly which semantic versions have problems.
;; Definitely 2.0pre3, probably all 2.0pre's before this.
'((semantic semantic-version "2\\.0pre[1-3]"
'((semantic semantic-version "\\`2\\.0pre[1-3]\\'"
"The version of `semantic' loaded does not work in Emacs 22.
It can cause constant high CPU load.
Upgrade to at least Semantic 2.0pre4 (distributed with CEDET 1.0pre4).")
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