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*solar.el (solar-setup, solar-ephemeris-time, sunrise-sunset): Change

        Universal Time (UT) to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
        (solar-time-string): Use calendar-daylight-time-offset instead of
        1 hr, and use calendar-daylight-savings-switchover-time instead of
        midnight.  Add an optional parameter to allow forcing the use of
        standard or daylight savings time.  Fix code so it works in
        southern hemisphere (start of dst precedes end of dst in a
        calendar year) and when dst either starts or ends in a calendar
        year, but not both.
parent 23195d94
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@
(if (not calendar-time-zone)
(setq calendar-time-zone
"Enter difference from Universal Time (in minutes): "))))
"Enter difference from Coordinated Universal Time (in minutes): "))))
(defun solar-get-number (prompt)
"Return a number from the minibuffer, prompting with PROMPT.
......@@ -226,22 +226,46 @@ of hours. Returns nil if the sun does not set at that location on that day."
(+ (- local-mean-sunset (solar-degrees-to-hours calendar-longitude))
(/ calendar-time-zone 60.0))))))
(defun solar-time-string (time date)
"Printable form for decimal fraction standard TIME on DATE.
(defun solar-time-string (time date &optional style)
"Printable form for decimal fraction *standard* TIME on DATE.
Optional parameter STYLE forces the time to be standard time when its value
is 'standard and daylight savings time (if available) when its value is
Format used is given by `calendar-time-display-form'. Converted to daylight
savings time according to `calendar-daylight-savings-starts' and
`calendar-daylight-savings-ends', if those variables are not nil."
savings time according to `calendar-daylight-savings-starts',
`calendar-daylight-savings-ends', `calendar-daylight-switchover-time', and
(let* ((year (extract-calendar-year date))
(abs-date (calendar-absolute-from-gregorian date))
(dst (and calendar-daylight-savings-starts
(<= (calendar-absolute-from-gregorian
(abs-date-and-time (+ (calendar-absolute-from-gregorian date)
(/ time 24.0)))
(rounded-abs-date (+ abs-date-and-time (/ 1.0 60 24 2)));; half min
(/ (eval calendar-daylight-savings-switchover-time) 60.0 24.0))
(dst-starts (and calendar-daylight-savings-starts
(+ (calendar-absolute-from-gregorian
(eval calendar-daylight-savings-starts))
(< abs-date
(eval calendar-daylight-savings-ends)))))
(time (if dst (1+ time) time))
(dst-ends (and calendar-daylight-savings-ends
(+ (calendar-absolute-from-gregorian
(eval calendar-daylight-savings-ends))
(dst (and (not (eq style 'standard))
(or (eq style 'daylight)
(and dst-starts dst-ends
(or (and (< dst-starts dst-ends);; northern hemi.
(<= dst-starts rounded-abs-date)
(< rounded-abs-date dst-ends))
(and (< dst-ends dst-starts);; southern hemi.
(or (< rounded-abs-date dst-ends)
(<= dst-starts rounded-abs-date)))))
(and dst-starts (not dst-ends)
(<= dst-starts rounded-abs-date))
(and dst-ends (not dst-starts)
(< rounded-abs-date dst-ends)))))
(time (if dst
(+ time (/ (eval calendar-daylight-time-offset) 60.0))
(time-zone (if dst
......@@ -301,7 +325,7 @@ savings time according to `calendar-daylight-savings-starts' and
(defun solar-ephemeris-correction (year)
"Difference in minutes between Ephemeris time an Universal time in YEAR.
"Difference in minutes between Ephemeris time and UTC in YEAR.
Value is only an approximation."
(let ((T (/ (- year 1900) 100.0)))
(+ 0.41 (* 1.2053 T) (* 0.4992 T T))))
......@@ -347,7 +371,7 @@ This function is suitable for execution in a .emacs file."
(if (< arg 16) calendar-time-zone
"Enter difference from Universal Time (in minutes): ")))
"Enter difference from Coordinated Universal Time (in minutes): ")))
(if (< arg 16) calendar-location-name
(let ((float-output-format "%.1f"))
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