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(Expanding Abbrevs): Clarify.

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......@@ -153,14 +153,14 @@ point and you type a self-inserting whitespace or punctuation character
(@key{SPC}, comma, etc.@:). More precisely, any character that is not a
word constituent expands an abbrev, and any word-constituent character
can be part of an abbrev. The most common way to use an abbrev is to
insert it and then insert a punctuation character to expand it.
insert it and then insert a punctuation or whitespace character to expand it.
@vindex abbrev-all-caps
Abbrev expansion preserves case; thus, @samp{foo} expands into @samp{find
outer otter}; @samp{Foo} into @samp{Find outer otter}, and @samp{FOO} into
@samp{FIND OUTER OTTER} or @samp{Find Outer Otter} according to the
variable @code{abbrev-all-caps} (a non-@code{nil} value chooses the first
of the two expansions).
variable @code{abbrev-all-caps} (setting it non-@code{nil} specifies
These commands are used to control abbrev expansion:
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