Commit e3383b6f authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(message2_nolog, set_message):

Declare all args (per C99).
parent f45bedd4
......@@ -5926,7 +5926,7 @@ message2 (m, nbytes, multibyte)
message2_nolog (m, nbytes, multibyte)
const char *m;
int nbytes;
int nbytes, multibyte;
struct frame *sf = SELECTED_FRAME ();
message_enable_multibyte = multibyte;
......@@ -6947,7 +6947,7 @@ void
set_message (s, string, nbytes, multibyte_p)
const char *s;
Lisp_Object string;
int nbytes;
int nbytes, multibyte_p;
= ((s && multibyte_p)
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