Commit e33c6771 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

* lisp/minibuffer.el (completion--twq-try): Try to fail more gracefully when

the requote function doesn't work properly.

Fixes: debbugs:11714
parent 7117e105
2012-06-23 Stefan Monnier <>
* minibuffer.el (completion--twq-try): Try to fail more gracefully when
the requote function doesn't work properly (bug#11714).
2012-06-23 Glenn Morris <>
* pcmpl-rpm.el (pcmpl-rpm-packages): Give status messages.
......@@ -488,7 +488,7 @@ for use at QPOS."
(defun completion--twq-try (string ustring completion point
unquote requote)
;; Basically two case: either the new result is
;; Basically two cases: either the new result is
;; - commonprefix1 <point> morecommonprefix <qpos> suffix
;; - commonprefix <qpos> newprefix <point> suffix
......@@ -505,8 +505,13 @@ for use at QPOS."
((> point (length prefix)) (+ qpos (length qstr1)))
(t (car (funcall requote point string))))))
;; Make sure `requote' worked.
(assert (equal (funcall unquote qstring) completion))
(cons qstring qpoint)))
(if (equal (funcall unquote qstring) completion)
(cons qstring qpoint)
;; If requote failed (e.g. because sifn-requote did not handle
;; Tramp's "/foo:/bar//baz -> /foo:/baz" truncation), then at least
;; try requote properly.
(let ((qstr (funcall qfun completion)))
(cons qstr (length qstr))))))
(defun completion--string-equal-p (s1 s2)
(eq t (compare-strings s1 nil nil s2 nil nil 'ignore-case)))
......@@ -2130,6 +2135,12 @@ same as `substitute-in-file-name'."
;; find the position corresponding to UPOS in QSTR, but
;; substitute-in-file-name can do anything, depending on file-name-handlers.
;; Kind of like in rfn-eshadow-update-overlay, only worse.
;; FIXME: example of thing we do not handle: Tramp's makes
;; (substitute-in-file-name "/foo:~/bar//baz") -> "/scpc:foo:/baz".
;; FIXME: One way to try and handle "all" cases is to require
;; substitute-in-file-name to preserve text-properties, so we could
;; apply text-properties to the input string and then look for them in
;; the output to understand what comes from where.
(let ((qpos 0))
;; Handle substitute-in-file-name's truncation behavior.
(let (tpos)
......@@ -2824,14 +2835,14 @@ filter out additional entries (because TABLE might not obey PRED)."
(defun completion--sreverse (str)
"Like `reverse' but for a string STR rather than a list."
(apply 'string (nreverse (mapcar 'identity str))))
(apply #'string (nreverse (mapcar 'identity str))))
(defun completion--common-suffix (strs)
"Return the common suffix of the strings STRS."
(mapcar 'completion--sreverse strs))))
(mapcar #'completion--sreverse strs))))
(defun completion-pcm--merge-completions (strs pattern)
"Extract the commonality in STRS, with the help of PATTERN.
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