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Image issues resolved.

bar.xpm unused, deleted.
dead.xpm is a smiley, copyright info added from Gnus changelog.
gnus.xpm is a conversion of Gnus/Emacs logo.
kill-group.xpm is a conversion of close.xpm
reverse-smile.xpm unused, deleted.
rot13.xpm replaced with conversion of close.xpm
parent 1c921057
......@@ -268,16 +268,6 @@ might be ugly. Please tell me if you encounter one that is under 60
Clarify the legal status of image files. It's not necessary to put a
notice in each image (where the format allows it). It's OK to put the
information in a README file in the associated directory. Files can be
listed in groups. See etc/README for an example.
Image files to consider:
etc/images/gnus/bar, dead, gnus, kill-group, reverse-smile, rot13
rms: "Can you find this by searching for items in copyright.list that
assign images for Emacs?" [this suggests we ask Bill Wohler]
just to be safe, papers are on the way for the "Gnus logo", even
though it is very similar to the already-assigned "Emacs logo".
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