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......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
(defvar vip-minibuffer-insert-face)
(defvar vip-minibuffer-vi-face)
(defvar vip-minibuffer-emacs-face)
(defvar viper-always)
(defvar vip-mode-string )
(defvar iso-accents-mode)
(defvar zmacs-region-stays)
......@@ -412,80 +413,7 @@
;; Sets Viper mode string in global-mode-string
(defun viper-mode ()
"Turn on Viper emulation of Vi."
(if (not noninteractive)
(if vip-first-time ; This check is important. Without it, startup and
(progn ; expert-level msgs mix up when viper-mode recurses
(setq vip-first-time nil)
(if (not vip-inhibit-startup-message)
(setq vip-inhibit-startup-message t)
(switch-to-buffer "Viper Startup Message")
"Viper Is a Package for Emacs Rebels.
It is also a VI Plan for Emacs Rescue and a venomous VI PERil.
Technically speaking, Viper is a Vi emulation package for GNU Emacs 19 and
XEmacs 19. It supports virtually all of Vi and Ex functionality, extending
and improving upon much of it.
1. Viper supports Vi at several levels. Level 1 is the closest to Vi,
level 5 provides the most flexibility to depart from many Vi conventions.
You will be asked to specify your user level in a following screen.
If you select user level 1 then the keys ^X, ^C, ^Z, and ^G will behave
as in VI, to smooth transition to Viper for the beginners. However, to
use Emacs productively, you are advised to reach user level 3 or higher.
If your user level is 2 or higher, ^X and ^C will invoke Emacs
functions,as usual in Emacs; ^Z will toggle vi/emacs modes, and
^G will be the usual Emacs's keyboard-quit (something like ^C in VI).
2. Vi exit functions (e.g., :wq, ZZ) work on INDIVIDUAL files -- they
do not cause Emacs to quit, except at user level 1 (a novice).
4. Viper supports multiple undo: `u' will undo. Typing `.' will repeat
undo. Another `u' changes direction.
6. Emacs Meta functions are invoked by typing `C-\\' or `\\ ESC'.
On a window system, the best way is to use the Meta-key.
7. Try \\[keyboard-quit] and \\[abort-recursive-edit] repeatedly,if
something funny happens. This would abort the current editing command.
You can get more information on Viper by:
a. Typing `:help' in Vi state
b. Printing Viper manual, found in ./etc/viper.dvi
c. Printing ViperCard, the Quick Reference, found in ./etc/viperCard.dvi
This startup message appears whenever you load Viper, unless you type `y' now."
(goto-char (point-min))
(if (y-or-n-p "Inhibit Viper startup message? ")
"Viper startup message inhibited"
vip-custom-file-name t))
;;(kill-buffer (current-buffer))
"The last message is in buffer `Viper Startup Message'")
(sit-for 4)
(vip-set-expert-level 'dont-change-unless)))
(defalias 'vip-mode 'viper-mode)
;; Switch from Insert state to Vi state.
(defun vip-exit-insert-state ()
......@@ -4109,7 +4037,8 @@ One can use `` and '' to temporarily jump 1 step back."
(if vip-auto-indent
(setq vip-cted t)
(if vip-electric-mode
(if (and vip-electric-mode
(not (eq major-mode 'fundamental-mode)))
(indent-to vip-current-indent))
......@@ -4207,7 +4136,7 @@ One can use `` and '' to temporarily jump 1 step back."
Can be called interactively to change (temporarily or permanently) the
current expert level.
The optional argument DONT-CHANGE-UNLESS if not nil, says that
The optional argument DONT-CHANGE-UNLESS, if not nil, says that
the level should not be changed, unless its current value is
meaningless (i.e., not one of 1,2,3,4,5).
......@@ -4224,7 +4153,7 @@ sensitive for VI-style look-and-feel."
;; & dont-change-unless = t -- use it; else ask
(vip-ask-level dont-change-unless))
(setq vip-always t
(setq viper-always t
vip-ex-style-motion t
vip-ex-style-editing-in-insert t
vip-want-ctl-h-help nil)
......@@ -4237,16 +4166,19 @@ sensitive for VI-style look-and-feel."
vip-re-search t
vip-vi-style-in-minibuffer t
vip-search-wrap-around-t t
vip-electric-mode nil
vip-want-emacs-keys-in-vi nil
vip-want-emacs-keys-in-insert nil))
((and (> vip-expert-level 1) (< vip-expert-level 5))
;; intermediate to guru
(setq vip-no-multiple-ESC (if (vip-window-display-p) t 'twice)
(setq vip-no-multiple-ESC (if (vip-window-display-p)
t 'twice)
vip-electric-mode t
vip-want-emacs-keys-in-vi t
vip-want-emacs-keys-in-insert (> vip-expert-level 2))
(if (eq vip-expert-level 4) ; respect user's ex-style motions
(if (eq vip-expert-level 4) ; respect user's ex-style motion
; and vip-no-multiple-ESC
(setq-default vip-ex-style-editing-in-insert
......@@ -4277,8 +4209,8 @@ sensitive for VI-style look-and-feel."
(setq vip-want-ctl-h-help
(cdr (assoc 'vip-want-ctl-h-help vip-saved-user-settings))
(cdr (assoc 'vip-always vip-saved-user-settings))
(cdr (assoc 'viper-always vip-saved-user-settings))
(cdr (assoc 'vip-no-multiple-ESC vip-saved-user-settings))
......@@ -4288,6 +4220,9 @@ sensitive for VI-style look-and-feel."
(cdr (assoc 'vip-re-search vip-saved-user-settings))
(cdr (assoc 'vip-electric-mode
(cdr (assoc 'vip-want-emacs-keys-in-vi
......@@ -4295,7 +4230,7 @@ sensitive for VI-style look-and-feel."
(cdr (assoc 'vip-want-emacs-keys-in-insert
(vip-set-mode-vars-for vip-current-state)
(if (or vip-always
(if (or viper-always
(and (> vip-expert-level 0) (> 5 vip-expert-level)))
......@@ -4374,9 +4309,9 @@ You can change it at any time by typing `M-x vip-set-expert-level RET'
4 -- GURU: Like 3, but user settings are respected for vip-no-multiple-ESC,
vip-re-search, vip-ex-style-motion, & vip-ex-style-editing-in-insert
variables. Adjust these settings to your taste.
5 -- WIZARD: Like 4, but user settings are also respected for vip-always,
vip-want-ctl-h-help, vip-want-emacs-keys-in-vi, and
vip-want-emacs-keys-in-insert. Adjust these to your taste.
5 -- WIZARD: Like 4, but user settings are also respected for viper-always,
vip-electric-mode, vip-want-ctl-h-help, vip-want-emacs-keys-in-vi,
and vip-want-emacs-keys-in-insert. Adjust these to your taste.
Please, specify your level now: ")
......@@ -4495,6 +4430,7 @@ Please, specify your level now: ")
......@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@
(defvar vip-expert-level)
(defvar vip-custom-file-name)
(defvar vip-case-fold-search)
(defvar explicit-shell-file-name)
;; loading happens only in non-interactive compilation
;; in order to spare non-viperized emacs from being viperized
......@@ -76,15 +77,16 @@
;; A-list of Ex variables that can be set using the :set command.
(defconst ex-variable-alist
'(("wrapscan") ("ws") ("wrapmargin") ("wm")
("global-tabstop") ("gts") ("tabstop") ("ts")
("tabstop-global") ("ts-g") ("tabstop") ("ts")
("showmatch") ("sm") ("shiftwidth") ("sw") ("shell") ("sh")
("readonly") ("ro")
("nowrapscan") ("nows") ("noshowmatch") ("nosm")
("noreadonly") ("noro") ("nomagic") ("noma")
("noignorecase") ("noic")
("global-noautoindent") ("gnoai") ("noautoindent") ("noai")
("noautoindent-global") ("noai-g") ("noautoindent") ("noai")
("magic") ("ma") ("ignorecase") ("ic")
("global-autoindent") ("gai") ("autoindent") ("ai")
("autoindent-global") ("ai-g") ("autoindent") ("ai")
......@@ -1564,7 +1566,7 @@ reversed.")
(while (string-match "^[ \\t\\n]*$"
(setq str
(completing-read ":set " ex-variable-alist)))
(message ":set <Variable> ")
(message ":set <Variable> [= <Value>]")
;; if there are unread events, don't wait
(or (vip-set-unread-command-events "") (sit-for 2))
) ; while
......@@ -1582,12 +1584,15 @@ reversed.")
actual-lisp-cmd lisp-cmd-del-pattern
val2 orig-var)
(setq orig-var var)
(cond ((member var '("ai" "autoindent"))
(cond ((string= var "all")
(setq ask-if-save nil
set-cmd nil))
((member var '("ai" "autoindent"))
(setq var "vip-auto-indent"
set-cmd "setq"
ask-if-save nil
val "t"))
((member var '("gai" "global-autoindent"))
((member var '("ai-g" "autoindent-global"))
(kill-local-variable 'vip-auto-indent)
(setq var "vip-auto-indent"
set-cmd "setq-default"
......@@ -1596,7 +1601,7 @@ reversed.")
(setq var "vip-auto-indent"
ask-if-save nil
val "nil"))
((member var '("gnoai" "global-noautoindent"))
((member var '("noai-g" "noautoindent-global"))
(kill-local-variable 'vip-auto-indent)
(setq var "vip-auto-indent"
set-cmd "setq-default"
......@@ -1610,7 +1615,7 @@ reversed.")
((member var '("ma" "magic"))
(setq var "vip-re-search"
val "t"))
((member var '("noma" "nomagic"))
((member var '("noma" "nomagic"))
(setq var "vip-re-search"
val "nil"))
((member var '("ro" "readonly"))
......@@ -1631,7 +1636,7 @@ reversed.")
((member var '("nows" "nowrapscan"))
(setq var "vip-search-wrap-around-t"
val "nil")))
(if (eq val 0) ; value must be set by the user
(if (and set-cmd (eq val 0)) ; value must be set by the user
(let ((cursor-in-echo-area t))
(message ":set %s = <Value>" var)
;; if there are unread events, don't wait
......@@ -1643,7 +1648,7 @@ reversed.")
(if (member var
'("sw" "shiftwidth"
"ts" "tabstop"
"gts" "global-tabstop"
"ts-g" "tabstop-global"
"wm" "wrapmargin"))
(condition-case nil
(or (numberp (setq val2 (car (read-from-string val))))
......@@ -1659,7 +1664,7 @@ reversed.")
(setq var "tab-width"
set-cmd "setq"
ask-if-save nil))
((member var '("gts" "global-tabstop"))
((member var '("ts-g" "tabstop-global"))
(kill-local-variable 'tab-width)
(setq var "tab-width"
set-cmd "setq-default"))
......@@ -1674,11 +1679,12 @@ reversed.")
val (format "\"%s\"" val)))))
(ex-fixup-history "set" orig-var))
(setq actual-lisp-cmd (format "\n(%s %s %s) %s"
set-cmd var val auto-cmd-label))
(setq lisp-cmd-del-pattern
(format "^\n?[ \t]*([ \t]*%s[ \t]+%s[ \t].*)[ \t]*%s"
set-cmd var auto-cmd-label))
(if set-cmd
(setq actual-lisp-cmd
(format "\n(%s %s %s) %s" set-cmd var val auto-cmd-label)
(format "^\n?[ \t]*([ \t]*%s[ \t]+%s[ \t].*)[ \t]*%s"
set-cmd var auto-cmd-label)))
(if (and ask-if-save
(y-or-n-p (format "Do you want to save this setting in %s "
......@@ -1705,15 +1711,19 @@ reversed.")
(message "%s %s %s" set-cmd var (if (string-match "^[ \t]*$" val)
(format "%S" val)
(eval (car (read-from-string actual-lisp-cmd)))
(if (string= var "fill-column")
(if (> val2 0)
(auto-fill-mode 1)
(auto-fill-mode -1)))
(if set-cmd
(message "%s %s %s"
set-cmd var
(if (string-match "^[ \t]*$" val)
(format "%S" val)
(if actual-lisp-cmd
(eval (car (read-from-string actual-lisp-cmd))))
(if (string= var "fill-column")
(if (> val2 0)
(auto-fill-mode 1)
(auto-fill-mode -1)))
(if (string= var "all") (ex-show-vars))
;; In inline args, skip regex-forw and (optionally) chars-back.
......@@ -2077,5 +2087,32 @@ Please contact your system administrator. "
(kill-buffer " *vip-info*")))
;; display all variables set through :set
(defun ex-show-vars ()
(with-output-to-temp-buffer " *vip-info*"
(princ (if vip-auto-indent
"autoindent (local)\n" "noautoindent (local)\n"))
(princ (if (default-value 'vip-auto-indent)
"autoindent (global) \n" "noautoindent (global) \n"))
(princ (if vip-case-fold-search "ignorecase\n" "noignorecase\n"))
(princ (if vip-re-search "magic\n" "nomagic\n"))
(princ (if buffer-read-only "readonly\n" "noreadonly\n"))
(princ (if blink-matching-paren "showmatch\n" "noshowmatch\n"))
(princ (if vip-search-wrap-around-t "wrapscan\n" "nowrapscan\n"))
(princ (format "shiftwidth \t\t= %S\n" vip-shift-width))
(princ (format "tabstop (local) \t= %S\n" tab-width))
(princ (format "tabstop (global) \t= %S\n" (default-value 'tab-width)))
(princ (format "wrapmargin (local) \t= %S\n"
(- (window-width) fill-column)))
(princ (format "wrapmargin (global) \t= %S\n"
(- (window-width) (default-value 'fill-column))))
(princ (format "shell \t\t\t= %S\n" (if (boundp 'explicit-shell-file-name)
;;; viper-ex.el ends here
......@@ -599,10 +599,7 @@ These buffers can be cycled through via :R and :P commands.")
(defvar vip-inhibit-startup-message nil
"Whether Viper startup message should be inhibited.")
(defvar vip-always t
"t means, arrange that vi-state will be a default.")
(defvar vip-custom-file-name (vip-convert-standard-file-name "~/.vip")
(defvar vip-custom-file-name (vip-convert-standard-file-name "~/.viper")
"Viper customisation file.
This variable must be set _before_ loading Viper.")
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
(provide 'viper-keym)
;; compiler pacifier
(defvar vip-always)
(defvar viper-always)
(defvar vip-current-state)
(defvar vip-mode-string)
(defvar vip-expert-level)
......@@ -586,7 +586,7 @@ Arguments: (major-mode vip-state keymap)"
(princ (format "\nvip-expert-level %S\n" vip-expert-level))
(princ (format "vip-no-multiple-ESC %S\n" vip-no-multiple-ESC))
(princ (format "vip-always %S\n" vip-always))
(princ (format "viper-always %S\n" viper-always))
(princ (format "vip-ex-style-motion %S\n"
(princ (format "vip-ex-style-editing-in-insert %S\n"
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