Commit e418be26 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer

(customize-version-lessp): Handle a number as VERSION2.

(customize-changed-options-previous-release): New variable.
(customize-changed-options): Use that variable as default arg.
parent 51eb1909
......@@ -872,14 +872,25 @@ are shown; the contents of those subgroups are initially hidden."
(format "*Customize Option: %s*"
(custom-unlispify-tag-name symbol))))
(defvar customize-changed-options-previous-release "20.2"
"Version for `customize-changed-options' to refer back to by default.")
(defun customize-changed-options (since-version)
"Customize all user option variables whose default values changed recently.
This means, in other words, variables and groups defined with a `:version'
"Customize all user option variables changed in Emacs itself.
This includes new user option variables and faces, and new
customization groups, as well as older options and faces whose default
values have changed since the previous major Emacs release.
With argument SINCE-VERSION (a string), customize all user option
variables that were added (or their meanings were changed) since that
(interactive "sCustomize options changed, since version (default all versions): ")
(if (equal since-version "")
(setq since-version nil))
(unless since-version
(setq since-version customize-changed-options-previous-release))
(let ((found nil)
(versions nil))
(mapatoms (lambda (symbol)
......@@ -906,7 +917,8 @@ option."
(cons (list symbol 'custom-group) found)
(cons (list symbol 'custom-variable) found))))))
(if (not found)
(error "No user options have changed defaults in recent Emacs versions")
(error "No user option defaults have been changed since Emacs %s"
(let ((flist nil))
(while versions
(push (copy-sequence
......@@ -927,6 +939,10 @@ option."
"*Customize Changed Options*"))))
(defun customize-version-lessp (version1 version2)
;; In case someone made a mistake and left out the quotes
;; in the :version value.
(if (numberp version2)
(setq version2 (prin1-to-string version2)))
(let (major1 major2 minor1 minor2)
(string-match "\\([0-9]+\\)[.]\\([0-9]+\\)" version1)
(setq major1 (read (match-string 1 version1)))
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