Commit e431fcda authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(read_key_sequence): Set initial_idleness_start_time

parent 42cc3428
......@@ -8375,8 +8375,10 @@ read_key_sequence (keybuf, bufsize, prompt, dont_downcase_last,
keymap may have changed, so replay the sequence. */
if (BUFFERP (key))
EMACS_TIME initial_idleness_start_time
= timer_last_idleness_start_time;
EMACS_TIME initial_idleness_start_time;
EMACS_SET_SECS_USECS (initial_idleness_start_time,
EMACS_SECS (timer_last_idleness_start_time),
EMACS_USECS (timer_last_idleness_start_time));
/* Resume idle state, using the same start-time as before. */
timer_start_idle ();
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