Commit e475612a authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader
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(custom-face-save): Do post-processing on the face's new value like

`custom-face-set' does.
parent e1e40b38
......@@ -2873,14 +2873,18 @@ Optional EVENT is the location for the menu."
"Prepare for saving WIDGET's face attributes, but don't write `.emacs'."
(let* ((symbol (widget-value widget))
(child (car (widget-get widget :children)))
(value (widget-value child))
(value (custom-post-filter-face-spec (widget-value child)))
(comment-widget (widget-get widget :comment-widget))
(comment (widget-value comment-widget)))
(when (equal comment "")
(setq comment nil)
;; Make the comment invisible by hand if it's empty
(custom-comment-hide comment-widget))
(face-spec-set symbol value)
(if (face-spec-choose value)
(face-spec-set symbol value)
;; face-set-spec ignores empty attribute lists, so just give it
;; something harmless instead.
(face-spec-set symbol '((t :foreground unspecified))))
(put symbol 'saved-face value)
(put symbol 'customized-face nil)
(put symbol 'face-comment comment)
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