Commit e477bb04 authored by Károly Lőrentey's avatar Károly Lőrentey
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(Fconstrain_to_field): Fix behaviour on field boundaries.

(find_field): Set before_field to after_field when pos is at BEGV.
parent 13c42cc5
2006-01-26 L$,1 q(Brentey K,Aa(Broly <>
* editfns.c (Fconstrain_to_field): Use get_pos_property, not
Fget_char_property. Fix bogus comment.
* editfns.c (Fconstrain_to_field): Fix behaviour on field boundaries.
(find_field): Set before_field to after_field when pos is at BEGV.
(Fline_beginning_position, Fline_end_position): Clarify
confusing doc string.
......@@ -526,7 +526,9 @@ find_field (pos, merge_at_boundary, beg_limit, beg, end_limit, end)
= (XFASTINT (pos) > BEGV
? get_char_property_and_overlay (make_number (XINT (pos) - 1),
Qfield, Qnil, NULL)
: Qnil);
/* Using nil here would be a more obvious choice, but it would
fail when the buffer starts with a non-sticky field. */
: after_field);
/* See if we need to handle the case where MERGE_AT_BOUNDARY is nil
and POS is at beginning of a field, which can also be interpreted
......@@ -717,6 +719,7 @@ Field boundaries are not noticed if `inhibit-field-text-motion' is non-nil. */)
/* If non-zero, then the original point, before re-positioning. */
int orig_point = 0;
int fwd, prev_old, prev_new;
if (NILP (new_pos))
/* Use the current point, and afterwards, set it. */
......@@ -725,23 +728,40 @@ Field boundaries are not noticed if `inhibit-field-text-motion' is non-nil. */)
XSETFASTINT (new_pos, PT);
fwd = (XFASTINT (new_pos) > XFASTINT (old_pos));
prev_old = make_number (XFASTINT (old_pos) - 1);
prev_new = make_number (XFASTINT (new_pos) - 1);
if (NILP (Vinhibit_field_text_motion)
&& !EQ (new_pos, old_pos)
&& (!NILP (get_pos_property (new_pos, Qfield, Qnil))
|| !NILP (get_pos_property (old_pos, Qfield, Qnil)))
&& (!NILP (Fget_text_property (new_pos, Qfield, Qnil))
|| !NILP (Fget_text_property (old_pos, Qfield, Qnil))
/* To recognize field boundaries, we must also look at the
previous positions; we could use `get_pos_property'
instead, but in itself that would fail inside non-sticky
fields (like comint prompts). */
|| (XFASTINT (new_pos) > BEGV
&& !NILP (Fget_text_property (prev_new, Qfield, Qnil)))
|| (XFASTINT (old_pos) > BEGV
&& !NILP (Fget_text_property (prev_old, Qfield, Qnil))))
&& (NILP (inhibit_capture_property)
|| NILP (get_pos_property (old_pos, inhibit_capture_property, Qnil))))
/* Field boundaries are again a problem; but now we must
decide the case exactly, so we need to call
`get_pos_property' as well. */
|| (NILP (get_pos_property (old_pos, inhibit_capture_property, Qnil))
&& (XFASTINT (old_pos) <= BEGV
|| NILP (Fget_text_property (old_pos, inhibit_capture_property, Qnil))
|| NILP (Fget_text_property (prev_old, inhibit_capture_property, Qnil))))))
/* It is possible that NEW_POS is not within the same field as
OLD_POS; try to move NEW_POS so that it is. */
int fwd, shortage;
int shortage;
Lisp_Object field_bound;
fwd = (XFASTINT (new_pos) > XFASTINT (old_pos));
if (fwd)
field_bound = Ffield_end (old_pos, escape_from_edge, new_pos);
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